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XP Themes Help

How To Install Ux Theme Multi Patcher

To install the patch, first Download UXTheme Multi-Patcher and save it to My Documents (or a folder where you’ll be able to find it). Once the file has finished downloading, open up My Documents (or the folder where you saved it to) and unzip the nw_uxpatcher.zip file (see How To Unzip A File). You should then see a new program file called UXTheme Multi-Patcher 8.0.exe

Double-click this file to run the UXTheme patch. A window will appear with some information – click Patch. The following message will then appear (along with a “Windows File Protection” dialog). You will need to wait for at least one minute before clicking Cancel. Do NOT insert your setup CD.

After cancelling the Windows File Protection, it will then ask, “Are you sure you want to keep these unrecognized files versions?” Click on Yes. Then click OK on the message shown above and restart your computer for the patch to take effect.

(If at some later stage you want to uninstall the patch, run the program again and click restore and it will un-patch your system. Then reboot your PC.)

If The Multi-Patcher Doesn’t Work (Advanced)

Sometimes the multi-patcher will not work. If you are comfortable with more advanced procedures, then you can apply the patch manually. This can be done by downloading the appropriate uxtheme file. You will then need a copy of replacer, a program used to replace protected or in-use system files.

Extract Replacer.zip to a new folder and run Replacer.cmd. Drag the original uxtheme.dll onto the window, then drag in the modified uxtheme.dll that you downloaded, and let it replace the file. Reboot when prompted.