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Artist's Note

INVI 4XP Theme v1.5


- Windows XP Visual Style (inspired on 007TINAR INVI Themes and adapted to the .msstyles format)

- msgina.dll and shell32.dll (spanish lang 3082)

- StartMenu LST Remover (to remove start menu logoff an shutdown text)


INVI 4XP Theme v1.5


- Este es un tema para Windows XP inspirado en la serie INVI del Skinmaster 007Tinar, adaptado al formato .msstyles.

- Contiene msgina.dll y shell32.dll en idioma español 3082 en sus últimas versiones (ventana de cierre de sesión y apagado de Windows). Para instalar estas Dll's te recomiendo utilizar el programa "replacer" y reemplazar las originales de Windows.

- El tema puede ser instalado con TuneupStyler, o si lo deseas, puedes utilizar uxtheme patcher.

- Contiene StartMenu LST Remover (para eliminar el texto de los botones de cierre de sesión y apagado del menu inicio)


Comments (8)


i like the glossy black look and i just got midnight too, which has a cool lighting at night effect..

Thu, Dec 9th at 03:01pm (7 years ago)
Iaco says:

Hi...nice theme but who did u change ur log off screen i still got the old xp log off buttons

Wed, Dec 29th at 05:30am (7 years ago)
Cazual says:

Thank you so much for includeding the startmenulst Remover, or else i wouldn't have gone to its homepage and downloaded the ultra UXthem patcher!

Because of you, i can use this skin and other!

Thank you!

Thu, Dec 30th at 05:42am (7 years ago)

is there any way to turn the rest of the white background black without losing the words to read in the background?
i know about the display properties/appearances/advanced
but i tried it and i cant figure out which ones to change or is there another way?
plz help ty!!

Mon, Jan 10th at 11:46pm (7 years ago)

i don't know how to use,instal...who can help me pls?

Fri, Jan 14th at 09:33am (7 years ago)
zonguy says:

how do i instal this theme i like it
plz help

Thu, Jan 20th at 08:31pm (7 years ago)

I love it! This theme is awesome, espec ially with the wallpapers! I normally don't keep themes very long but this one is a kepper. Great Work!

Fri, Feb 25th at 07:46am (6 years ago)

I love this theme for my xp... any chance of recreating with red instead of blue for me :D

Fri, Mar 25th at 10:30am (6 years ago)

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Created by pherrera_x
on October 23rd, 2010


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