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Artist's Note

1)Super Bar with Iconized Taskbar
2)Remove Toolbar with out Styler
3)Cadarna Fonts , it look better than SegoeUI
4)Glow Caption Text

Comments (15)

El_Corra says:

nice wall! can you give the link?

Thu, Jun 17th at 12:37pm (7 years ago)

Nice theme! Can you make one with the small taskbar? I don't like the thick taskbar too much, everyone I know doesn't like the superbar on their Windows7 computers they always switch to the small taskbar, it looks neater anyways. But I love the colors and everything. I would love it more if you made the taskbar small like VG made his black Windows7 theme with the normal Windows7 iconized taskbar.

Thu, Jun 17th at 05:33pm (7 years ago)
512Mbytes says:

@ SweetPeaches : Blue normal Verison :http://512mbytes.deviantart.com/gallery
@El_Corra : Wallpaper for Gizdom Pack : Include 5 Wall :)

Thu, Jun 17th at 07:14pm (7 years ago)
ncube says:

This theme belongs to

Fri, Jun 18th at 07:24am (7 years ago)

Wow! I love the theme! what is that thing...??the player...damn nice....

Fri, Jun 18th at 09:42am (7 years ago)
g41j1n says:

love the player how do i get it?

Sat, Jun 19th at 08:07pm (7 years ago)
512Mbytes says:

@ Q-PID MaNIA ; g41j1n :
The player is CDArtDisplay, This skin not best, I have some better skin, Download here to get setup and some Nice skin :
<~ Setup + skin in Preview
<~ Better skin

Mon, Jun 21st at 07:10am (7 years ago)
themeguru says:

For player download CD ART Display first:

The Skin from:

Tue, Jun 22nd at 03:11am (7 years ago)

Aww..Cool...Thanx dude...

Wed, Jun 23rd at 02:01am (7 years ago)
WoodyGFX says:

Well,how do i bring back that tab in every window?

The forward and back buttons,the adress and all that ?

Wed, Jul 14th at 03:51am (7 years ago)
mhoimhai says:

how to use this theme..? i didnt know how to apply this on my desktop pls help me

Mon, Aug 2nd at 09:13pm (7 years ago)
impailer says:

how do i uninstal this...it's annoying that it is removing the toolbar....pls help!!!

Wed, Aug 11th at 12:09pm (7 years ago)
oben says:

can you give me some instruction how install this one.. its pretty awesome and beautiful and i like to become my skin to my desktop.. thanks for helping me..

Tue, Sep 28th at 03:10am (7 years ago)
neoblue says:

thank , i love this theme

Tue, Oct 5th at 10:49am (7 years ago)

how do you get the black sidebar?

Thu, Dec 16th at 11:30pm (7 years ago)

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Created by ncube
on June 17th, 2010


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