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XP Themes / Good Luck Beijing

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Artist's Note

Good Luck Beijing

For Beijing Olympic Games ,2008

dzART Studio

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err read the news???

Sat, May 24th at 05:08am (9 years ago)
dazyb says:

Read more than your news...

Beijing Wansui.

Mon, Jun 23rd at 12:31pm (9 years ago)

believe me i do.
i have access to certain veins of truth.

the theme itself is nive tho.

Thu, Jul 3rd at 06:17pm (9 years ago)

Note to anyone who's not Chinese but downloaded this time because he/she thought it was cool (like me):

The installer won't work straight out the RAR file unless you're using Windows in Chinese.

Rename the installer file (the one with the orange box and white hand) to something in English or whatever language your version of Windows is in.

If you don't you'll get an NSIS installer error message. Also the whole installer is in Chinese so all the text will be scrambled. But if you've installed stuff before it's pretty easy, just click where you would normally click if the installer were in your language.

In spite of this, it's a beautiful theme and I really like it. Thanks!!

Sat, Jul 5th at 10:14pm (9 years ago)
codmaster says:

erm, do i need anything else apart from download and install. i download it and install but i only get the background, everything else reverts to widows classic grey, Windows XP professional sp3 if that helps

Sat, Jul 19th at 03:26pm (9 years ago)
codmaster says:

Sorry i was just being a noob i didnt read the 'how to use the themes" section first sorry,

working fine, i only wanted it to put a wall.e picture as my background, works fine now, great theme good looking

Sat, Jul 19th at 03:37pm (9 years ago)

very nice. download now, try ...

Wed, Jul 23rd at 10:25am (9 years ago)
real1970 says:


Thu, Jul 4th at 10:14am (4 years ago)

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Created by DZart
on May 23rd, 2008


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