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Artist's Note

Flying High Glass 2 for TrueTransparency.

Updated 24/feb/2008. A new third skin version has been added.

This skin is for the application TrueTransparency, version 0.8x or higher.
TrueTransparency skins the window borders, allowing transparent/translucent alpha-blended window borders in XP.

An alternate version (not an update) of my Flying High Glass TT skin. This has differences in transparency from the original version.

Summary of differences between FHG1 and FHG2:
With FHG1, the alpha-channel (transparency) is even, more opaque on the outside, and more transparent on the inside of each side.
With FHG2, the alpha-channel is variable, emphasizing the opacity of the white clouds; and FHG2 is overall more transparent and glassy than FHG1.

Original version (FHG1) at

Two variations included in the zip, with and without white-edged window borders.

This skin is derived from the photo Flying High by Norif, used with permission, permission in the zip.

Thank you.

Comments (6)


hi how can i use ur theme?cuz ive dl it and i dunt know how to use it..

Fri, Feb 1st at 07:06am (10 years ago)
nova28 says:

usernameko12, i sent you a message, i hope it answered your question.

Sun, Feb 3rd at 10:13am (10 years ago)
coolpunk says:

Hey nova even I need to know how to apply it..........y don't u post it in public??

Sat, Feb 9th at 12:11pm (10 years ago)
RyBones says:

yeah how do u use this thing?

Sun, Feb 10th at 02:37am (10 years ago)
Kushina says:

Hate to be of a bother but I seem to be in the same predicament. Any help would be grateful. Thanks so much.

Mon, Feb 11th at 08:37pm (10 years ago)
nova28 says:

.msstyles files (XP) do not allow you to have transparent/translucent window borders. Also .msstyles files were not designed to have wide, irregular window borders.
There is a relatively new program called TrueTranparency that allows us to have all these effects that .msstyles files are lacking. TrueTransparency can be downloaded at the following link.

Download and install TrueTransparency. TT has very minimal cpu% and ram usage; and has an exclude file for the few apps that might cause problems.
To use my skin, download and unzip my file. Inside of that folder is a folder(s) called 'Flyng High Glass'. Copy/move the FHG folder(s) into the 'Skin' folder inside of the 'TrueTransparency' folder.
You can use my TT skin with the .msstyle of your choice. I am working on a matching Flying High .msstyle to go with this TT skin.
If any of you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest in my skin. Sorry that I did not respond sooner, I have been busy.

Fri, Feb 15th at 06:22pm (10 years ago)

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Created by nova28
on January 31st, 2008


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