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Artist's Note

Part of Nuance's sophomore suite, Sandwich.
It's open source, so mod away and release, just give credits.

There are two additional font options included, for the visually impaired.

The design was a collaborative effort by all of nuance, so give them some love too.

It should be a pretty moddable vs, so please abuse it :]

please report any bugs.


updated 12/09

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (57)

finch says:

The BIG one!
This is extremely nice...applying all of this stuff as it comes in!

Sat, Dec 8th at 08:46am (10 years ago)
finch says:

Well worth the wait!

Sat, Dec 8th at 08:46am (10 years ago)
eio says:

excellent work!! i love this suite even better than your last. :D

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:03am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Definitely better than your last, but I'm biased towards the colors. ;D

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:13am (10 years ago)
kowoolo says:

very well done!

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:33am (10 years ago)
fate0000 says:

My favorite VS.

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:36am (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

The best visual style ever made! <3

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:49am (10 years ago)

wtf I asked for a burger

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:59am (10 years ago)
OftenK says:


Sat, Dec 8th at 10:32am (10 years ago)
qslig says:


Sat, Dec 8th at 10:56am (10 years ago)
Tupi_ says:

great work

Sat, Dec 8th at 11:15am (10 years ago)
akka says:

thanks everyone. :]

updating it in a minute, i found a couple start menu bugs. are any of you seeing a white square where the avatar would be in the start menu?

Sat, Dec 8th at 11:22am (10 years ago)

i see it, also the seek bar part of the vs is not set to transparent and so the pink line appears

Sat, Dec 8th at 11:52am (10 years ago)

also the horizontal scrool arrows seems to need some changes

Sat, Dec 8th at 11:59am (10 years ago)
akka says:

cool. got the arrows, thanks. my monitor doesn't have enough contrast to catch these the first time around :[

will be updating soon

Sat, Dec 8th at 12:09pm (10 years ago)
Kapoios says:

and i was just getting used to my new desktop, you release this and now i want to change it again!

Sat, Dec 8th at 12:41pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Just Brilliant! What else can I say? :)

Sat, Dec 8th at 12:55pm (10 years ago)

I've been waiting for this. Wonderful to see it released. Congrats.

Sat, Dec 8th at 12:56pm (10 years ago)
akka says:

k, those bugs *should* be fixed now, if you all want to redownloaded.

and thank you everyone, again :] it's really appreciated.

Sat, Dec 8th at 01:03pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Ionno if this is just something you missed by mistake, but the button text size for the Arial8 is too big compared to the rest. Just wanted to point it out.

It's a super duper suite anyhow :)

Sat, Dec 8th at 01:33pm (10 years ago)
craves says:

this is not too far away from perfection.

Sat, Dec 8th at 02:06pm (10 years ago)
Yannni says:

great work man

i still got the pink going across the top of the seek bar and im not sure why theres a white box next to the all programs button in the start menu.

Sat, Dec 8th at 02:23pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

I don't know about you guys but for me it's a bit boring ... and I like dark colors ... but still not working for me ... sorry akka. Maybe my lack of knowledge about visual styling and theming ... You know I just do WPs.

Sat, Dec 8th at 02:24pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

lol. its not boring, its understated elegance :P

Sat, Dec 8th at 02:56pm (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

this is a tasty sandwich indeed.

Sat, Dec 8th at 04:00pm (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

i still get the start menu bug however (the white box where the avatar should be)

also, the start menu size cuts off the 'turn off computer' option on the bottom

Sat, Dec 8th at 04:07pm (10 years ago)
akka says:

haha, kareem.

also, maybe the zip didn't replace correctly? i'll fix this stuff up tonight.

Sat, Dec 8th at 05:44pm (10 years ago)
krissirk says:

amazing job man! thanks for sharing.

Sat, Dec 8th at 07:08pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Well, if the .zip didn't replace correctly, just change the filename of the updated one that you wanna upload. That seems to work.

Sat, Dec 8th at 07:22pm (10 years ago)
swayso says:

delicious food at moning! can't wait to load it,ha~
oh,thanks nuance for shareing !

Sat, Dec 8th at 09:38pm (10 years ago)
swayso says:

is next suit be cookie?
or turkey :-D

Sat, Dec 8th at 10:14pm (10 years ago)
Damzk says:

Unique mix of old school elements with contemporary ones. Love the level of subtle details in the graphics, textures and soft colors and gradients.

Sat, Dec 8th at 10:42pm (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

Have to agree with motorist, after trying everything out it got boring really fast for me, but then again its not quite my thing

Sun, Dec 9th at 12:31am (10 years ago)

nitzua: if you're still having the bug, open the vs via stylebuilder and set the userpic bgtype to none. that worked for me.

Sun, Dec 9th at 05:01am (10 years ago)
split says:

<3 <3 <3

Sun, Dec 9th at 06:39am (10 years ago)
MaRZ says:

Oooo, this is so nice... now it really does suck to have Windows Vista *sigh*

Sun, Dec 9th at 07:18am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

congrats guys...job well done!

Sun, Dec 9th at 07:53am (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

I am soooooooooo porting this to Linux (unless someone beats me to it). But first, I got to figure out how O_O

Sun, Dec 9th at 09:18am (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

kinetx: i think you're overlooking my comment, some people just aren't going to like things, which is ok, that's why there is variety and choice

Sun, Dec 9th at 11:14am (10 years ago)

i love it!
also, 1337 views =D

Sun, Dec 9th at 11:22am (10 years ago)
heylove says:

You guys did a great job on this suite.

Sun, Dec 9th at 02:37pm (10 years ago)
akka says:

just updated and double checked to see that the zip replaced, so please redownload :D

Sun, Dec 9th at 03:34pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Works fine for me now. :)

The start panel still has 1 teeny bug tho. The lil indent that you have to house the 'logoff' and shutdown buttons' doesnt fit like I think u wanted it to. It's not even really noticeable tho, so you cld just leave it as is if you're tired of reuploading :P

Sun, Dec 9th at 08:12pm (10 years ago)
Hoodylum says:

I downloaded from the site and that was bug free - to me atleast :) Clearly the best part the litestep theme follows it. You guys rock

Sun, Dec 9th at 09:42pm (10 years ago)
BlakjaK says:

*stands and applauds*

One of the best visual styles I've seen in quite a while. Bravo! ^_^

Sun, Dec 9th at 10:27pm (10 years ago)

of course a vs this sick is released the day I ditch my pc and get an imac

Tue, Dec 11th at 12:34am (10 years ago)
lyrae says:

Just got back after a week away to find the sandwich vs is out. Tried it and loved it. Probably do a port for linux unless someone beats me to it :D

Fri, Dec 14th at 04:51am (10 years ago)
HanibaL says:

cool work

Mon, Dec 17th at 12:37am (9 years ago)
akka says:

thanks for the love, everyone

lyrae, please do :]

Wed, Dec 19th at 07:58pm (9 years ago)
prototype says:

awesome job but quick question:

anyone know what to reshack to fix iexplore7's buttons?


Mon, Dec 24th at 10:46am (9 years ago)
nosphere says:

all the suite is f*k|n9 beautifull / usable / easy with the eyes with outstanding quality and detail (*handclaps are being listened)

...is there anything else to say?...oh right: perfect

Mon, Dec 24th at 01:54pm (9 years ago)
nosphere says:

...and loved :)

Mon, Dec 24th at 01:56pm (9 years ago)
nitzua says:

@prototype: bad internet user, NO ie, NO!

Thu, Dec 27th at 09:36am (9 years ago)

This is tight.

Sun, Feb 10th at 09:19pm (9 years ago)
BiggglesB says:

Awesome theme, just started using it. Any chance of changing the shutdown menu and splash screens? The ugly blue default XP things are hurting my eyes. Alternatively, anyone reccomend some complimentary alternatives?

Lastly, the background pink seems to be showing through on the popup balloons' x button... is anyone else seeing that?

Wed, Feb 13th at 03:46am (9 years ago)
kiD a says:

Really great VS. like the detailing.

Sun, Mar 16th at 11:06am (9 years ago)

Top notch theme, guys! Any chance of an Opera skin? That would make my life complete =D

@Bigggles, I'm seeing the same thing

Thu, Jul 31st at 01:24am (9 years ago)

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Created by akka
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