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Artist's Note

Dragon Master Black for TrueTransparency.
This skin is for the application TrueTransparency, version 0.8.x or higher. TrueTransparency skins the window borders, allowing alpha-blended transparent borders. It can be used on XP in conjunction with msstyles (Visual Styles).

Dragon Master Black is based in part on artwork by Dragon Master.

Used with permission, permission in the zip

The wallpaper and the msstyle used in the screenshot are Opaloid by norif.

and a modified version of Octane by Navigatsio

, not included in the zip.

Thank you and enjoy.

Comments (11)

nitzua says:

don't create dummy accounts to love your own sub-par work please.

Mon, Nov 12th at 02:36pm (10 years ago)
nova28 says:

People should do a little research before they falsely accuse someone.

Mon, Nov 12th at 03:29pm (10 years ago)
dieygo says:

thats real awsome ,, i love it

Thu, Nov 15th at 06:43pm (10 years ago)
dieygo says:

hey ,, i have a problem

Thu, Nov 15th at 06:50pm (10 years ago)
yatsky says:

how can i apply it to my computer

Sun, Nov 25th at 04:55pm (10 years ago)
nova28 says:

To apply my Dragon Master skin, you need to download TrueTransparency. You can download this application at this link,

Sun, Nov 25th at 06:59pm (10 years ago)
3wheeler says:

The instructions on this site say to click a file with a .msstyles extension. but your download doesn't have such a file. any advise, I like the look

Mon, Dec 3rd at 07:17am (10 years ago)
nova28 says:

.msstyles files (XP) do not allow you to have transparent/translucent window borders. Also .msstyles files were not designed to have wide, irregular window borders.
There is a relatively new program called TrueTranparency that allows us to have all these effects that .msstyles files are lacking. TrueTransparency can be downloaded at the following link.

To use my skin, download and unzip my file. Inside of that folder is a folder called 'Dragon Master Black'. Copy/move the DMB folder into the 'Skin' folder inside of the 'TrueTransparency' folder.
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest in my skin.

Wed, Dec 5th at 01:09pm (10 years ago)

i have downloaded the truetransparcey program and it is running but all that works is the border, how do i change contents of the window like the buttons and colour etc

Mon, Mar 17th at 12:30pm (9 years ago)

u can't change any color.but if your True Transparency program doesn't recognize the new skin,exit it then start it again. GOOD LUCK :D

Fri, Nov 21st at 09:40pm (9 years ago)
Skullz101 says:

Why are none of these themes in .msstyles formats?

Mon, Aug 6th at 11:54pm (5 years ago)

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Created by nova28
on November 12th, 2007


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