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XP Themes / SlanXP Edition 3

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Artist's Note

1st one:
2nd one:

And now comes the 3rd one. :p

2 font options.
- Segoe UI
- Tahoma

Foobar config:

Wallpaper is:

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (11)

Dehr says:

the first two were great, and this one is even better. nice job

Sat, Sep 15th at 02:11pm (10 years ago)
BlakjaK says:

Marvelous work lassekongo83!

Sat, Sep 15th at 03:56pm (10 years ago)
tflogic says:

my favorite vs series this past year.

Sun, Sep 16th at 04:14am (10 years ago)
swoy says:

This is the best ever! Keep up the good work @rtist!
I have some small suggestions if you dare?

Tue, Sep 18th at 12:55pm (10 years ago)
jclim00 says:

Bloody awesome. I love that your themes fall right in the middle of minimalism and usability whereas most themes are usually on the far end of either spectrum.

Wed, Sep 19th at 08:42am (10 years ago)
ployyolp says:

Very awesome!!!

Sun, Sep 23rd at 11:44pm (10 years ago)
npy says:


Mon, Oct 15th at 05:31pm (10 years ago)
Alachua says:

If you made a light version of SlanXP I would cream myself.

Great work though!

Thu, Feb 14th at 02:35pm (9 years ago)

GREAT, as always! I adore your work...
If you'd add a compact Version it would be even better.

Wed, Oct 8th at 10:47am (9 years ago)


Luved it!!!!!!!!!

But next time please make the start button a little big.

otherwise itz bloody awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, Jun 23rd at 02:59am (8 years ago)
Mesola says:

I like this. Very clean looking, very minimal, and loving the fact that it's a minimalist style that doesn't minimize the font.

I give this 4.5 stars out of 5. =) The only reason it's not a full 5 is because I dislike the non-contrasting scrollbar. Other than that, this theme is amazing. =D

Thu, Mar 3rd at 02:58am (6 years ago)

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Created by lassekongo83
on September 15th, 2007


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