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Artist's Note

a few people asked for the vs used in my iso screen, so figured i'd finish it up. it's a mod of the gsm vs.

four shellstyles, including an extended caption bar, and versions with caption text.

open source: port and mod, just give me credits. a wall and winamp skin might come soon.

oops, for the first 15 downloaders, there was a start menu bug. fixed now, though.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (32)

adz_619 says:

woody effect...... not too popular nowadays.

Fri, Mar 30th at 02:19am (10 years ago)
novoo says:


Fri, Mar 30th at 02:29am (10 years ago)
Fenris says:

very nice and soothing. i like the details and colors.

Fri, Mar 30th at 02:46am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

nice man :)

adz_619: says who?

Fri, Mar 30th at 04:26am (10 years ago)

no trees were harmed in the making of this skin I'm sure...

love it

Fri, Mar 30th at 05:05am (10 years ago)
dive says:

Lotta good Visual Styles this last week. Grrrrreat!

Fri, Mar 30th at 05:35am (10 years ago)
WillyT says:

Wow! This is really cool, I like it a lot. And ruebens are my favorite sandwich.

Fri, Mar 30th at 06:28am (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

very very nice. good feel to it.

Fri, Mar 30th at 06:42am (10 years ago)
adz_619 says:

qslig: Me, dunno about you, but I dont like wood grain on my desktop!

Fri, Mar 30th at 06:49am (10 years ago)
puer says:

Great work akka. Very usable. Titlebar especially looks great, although I think I would probably mod it so that brown goes the whole way across. Very classy +love

Fri, Mar 30th at 07:10am (10 years ago)

Ah, I'm so happy you decided to include the full-caption version, since that's the first thing I would have done. Methinks this ought to be a fine jumping-off-point for my next vs. Good job :-D

Fri, Mar 30th at 07:48am (10 years ago)
fate0000 says:


Fri, Mar 30th at 08:12am (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

do you know how much i love you for this?

Fri, Mar 30th at 08:17am (10 years ago)

loved up.

Fri, Mar 30th at 08:54am (10 years ago)
Nylons says:

Sexy !

Fri, Mar 30th at 09:00am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

i love wood all over my desktop

looks great man :)

Fri, Mar 30th at 09:16am (10 years ago)
Damzk says:

I'll second kinetx, and pretty much everyone else. Also highlight how soft and clean it feels.

Fri, Mar 30th at 10:27am (10 years ago)
OftenK says:

I don't know what adz is talking about, this is delicious to the highest degree. Awesome work.

Fri, Mar 30th at 10:40am (10 years ago)
relik says:

adz_619: you made it seem like you were basically dubbing what was popular now, and what wasn't.

anyway, this is a really sexy skin akka. i can't wait to apply it!

Fri, Mar 30th at 10:42am (10 years ago)
nd0 says:

mad props, this is solid. +love

Fri, Mar 30th at 12:29pm (10 years ago)
serph says:

slick. and like egolatra... i love you as well.

Fri, Mar 30th at 01:51pm (10 years ago)

yeah, fantastic.

Fri, Mar 30th at 02:18pm (10 years ago)
akka says:


Fri, Mar 30th at 06:16pm (10 years ago)

"woody effect...... not too popular nowadays."
k dude.

this thing is great.

Fri, Mar 30th at 06:45pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

(thumbs up) Looks spectacular...I love trees. I is envious, I cannot use it unfortunately because I'm using vista. =/

Fri, Mar 30th at 09:28pm (10 years ago)

Ooooh HOT! Thrashing this right now and for a long time to come. Thanks!

Sat, Mar 31st at 01:31am (10 years ago)
lyrae says:


Sat, Mar 31st at 01:31am (10 years ago)
doneld says:

great style! <3

Sat, Mar 31st at 02:47am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

tags: smooth tree wood


Sun, Apr 1st at 01:38am (10 years ago)
aakio says:

Wow that looks superb, didn't know you released this!

Wed, Apr 4th at 02:56am (10 years ago)
dGidwani says:

Sweetness! Except the scrollbar arrow would IMO look better as the square up/down arrows from the scrollbar etc...Other than that awesome.

Wed, Apr 4th at 12:00pm (10 years ago)

Love this theme, but please anyone do some proper icons (dock)...The trees are not that exciting.

Mon, Apr 23rd at 11:59am (10 years ago)

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Created by akka
on March 30th, 2007

43927 This work is a modification of GSM VS by akka.


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