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clean, functional. The contrast isn't too terrible either which is rare in these dark grey/black themes. I like it overall but it's nothing superbly original, nothing revolutionary. I love the icon in the start button and on teh start panel. Good job!

Fri, Feb 2nd at 09:16pm (10 years ago)
Quanoo says:

Quite nice. :)

Sat, Feb 3rd at 03:05am (10 years ago)
slowave says:

I'll keep this one in mind, should I ever embark on a "dark" phase.

Sat, Feb 3rd at 04:41am (10 years ago)

Very clean, smooth and cool. I like the whole orange/grey theme.

Sat, Feb 3rd at 11:53am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

@UltimateSensFan: that's exactly how I felt bout that vs :D ... @Max: thanx for featuring :) @swmmng: they are when active yes

Sat, Feb 3rd at 02:20pm (10 years ago)
swmmng says:

Are the caption buttons supposed to be always visible?

Sat, Feb 3rd at 04:09pm (10 years ago)
rajik says:

It looks very nice

Sun, Feb 4th at 04:00am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

great vs....

and the contrast is ok just as ravers_anthem said...

good job :)

Sun, Feb 4th at 02:12pm (10 years ago)

Love it. Using it for my desktop right now, and making a few walls to go with it. Great work!

Sun, Feb 4th at 11:32pm (10 years ago)
Fiper says:

I've been dreaming for such caption buttons!

Mon, Feb 5th at 04:04pm (10 years ago)

Pretty nice. 8)

Tue, Feb 6th at 11:48pm (10 years ago)
R I P says:

great for night use :)

Wed, Feb 7th at 01:38am (10 years ago)
dmcconne says:


Thu, Feb 8th at 06:56pm (10 years ago)
dmcdante says:

good work.

Fri, Feb 9th at 01:06pm (10 years ago)


Fri, Feb 9th at 08:33pm (10 years ago)
ZelDaVII says:

thank you so much

Tue, Mar 13th at 01:59pm (10 years ago)

hey i like it, but how to i get it to load on startup? thanx

Wed, Aug 29th at 08:23pm (10 years ago)
Winsord says:

Please, please make a gray and green version, that would destroy. I'm using this as my main theme now but if it had green instead of blue... *Drools*

Fri, Jul 25th at 03:26pm (9 years ago)
Angelmass says:

I like it a lot but where can I find that wallpaper that you're using for it in the screenshot? If I'm not mistaken I don't think it's included

Wed, Sep 24th at 10:51pm (9 years ago)
hovunjun says:

i cant seem to load into my window vista themes... any sugggestion?

Tue, Feb 9th at 10:29pm (7 years ago)

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Created by aMADme
on February 2nd, 2007


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