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Comments (14)


pretty nice

Sat, Dec 9th at 09:16pm (11 years ago)
scooby says:

cool beans

Sat, Dec 9th at 09:40pm (11 years ago)
Cwilly says:

Very well done

Sat, Dec 9th at 09:48pm (11 years ago)

man congrats on a great piece of work

Sat, Dec 9th at 10:09pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

sweet :)

Sat, Dec 9th at 10:40pm (11 years ago)

wonderful job!

Sun, Dec 10th at 12:56am (11 years ago)
ashura says:

One word: sexy!

Sun, Dec 10th at 04:11am (11 years ago)

nice work, i'd appreciate a non-DA menu button version though; and the release of that foobar config! =) pretty please?

Sun, Dec 10th at 04:54am (11 years ago)

Beautiful, beautiful. I do agree, though - and not to be too picky, a non-DA start button would be nice. Other than that, excellent work!

Sun, Dec 10th at 07:40am (11 years ago)
aMADme says:

thx...the foobar config is a mod of tool+'s config and I just asked him for permission at hydrogenaudio forums since I've been asked for it on dA too...when I find time I'll do a non dA'ish version...if anyone else is faster then me in modding it in that direction it's ok with me too ;)

Sun, Dec 10th at 08:27am (11 years ago)

Very cool. Suits V5 very nicely.

Sun, Dec 10th at 11:25am (11 years ago)

How 2 install it

Fri, Dec 22nd at 04:08am (11 years ago)
Twig says:

Ya know, I never thought I would find a style that would pull be away from Black Mesa(or Black Mesa 2) but youve done it. Granted Ive been using BM for a good while and needed a change, but Ive FINALLY found something clean enough to put on my desktop. And extra points at making the lime green work. Not many can pull it off. Great job.

Mon, Dec 25th at 04:44pm (11 years ago)
jynnann says:

Hello! Can I know what music player did you use to play the A.F.I album? :D

Sat, Dec 30th at 02:38am (11 years ago)

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Created by aMADme
on December 9th, 2006


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