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Artist's Note

Sorry for reupload - just fixed a bug ;D

collab between trashmonkey, torti, based on imrik's MIRO Wallpaper

comes in 2 versions (borderless & with borders)

Miranda by Torti:
Winamp by trashmonkey: coming soon!
Iconpackage by Imrik: coming soon!
GuiKit by technici: 60% done

Please don't ask for permissions on any skins or mods!


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Comments (26)

nitzua says:

the no border version is interesting

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:06pm (11 years ago)
asuraci says:

As much as I hate to say it, this is almost NIKA06 all over again. Don't get me wrong - I hate placing blame when they're innocent of doing any wrong, but there are some major similarities..and the whole basing it off of something Imrik did thing. :P I'm not accusing you of ripping, please don't take it the wrong way. You did a great job. But there are some things that strike me as being very similar, such as the black portion at the bottom of the Miranda section, and the colored line above it. trashmonkey: Again, I'm not accusing you of ripping. And I'd love to see a link to what you're describing as there being thousands of. Torti: Mmkay, I guess Imrik ripped VOID. Kind of funny how a website design by him, which, mind you was created *before* VOID was even released is a ripoff of an OSX guikit.

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:09pm (11 years ago)
neodude says:

Nice, been waiting for this to come out, good job. Now anyup and realise that winamp + icons!

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:10pm (11 years ago)

love the pink, great touch

Tue, Oct 24th at 01:28pm (11 years ago)
Bero_ says:

Awesome vs. I saw it featured on Pimpmydesk as a screenshit. Awesome work.

Tue, Oct 24th at 02:04pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

hmm.. well i love it. ;)

Tue, Oct 24th at 03:35pm (11 years ago)

lol "screenshit" XD

Tue, Oct 24th at 03:48pm (11 years ago)
d0ng says:

You just made my day, checking it out right now. I'd say its a great skin for all the pink lovers out there. Good job with the mods.

Tue, Oct 24th at 04:16pm (11 years ago)
verity says:

attack of the clones

Tue, Oct 24th at 05:23pm (11 years ago)
circa says:

damn verity, nothing compares to your submissions, oh wait...you haven't submitted anything. So, until then, shut your face.

Tue, Oct 24th at 05:26pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:


Tue, Oct 24th at 05:30pm (11 years ago)
OftenK says:

Would have been nice to see a couple more color variations (I'm not big on pink), but that certainly won't stop me from using it. I really, really like the way the borderless version looks.

Tue, Oct 24th at 05:54pm (11 years ago)
Fiper says:

The fade effect is a nice idea, thoug overall look is quite deceptive as I get lost inside a bunch of windows as usually it happens with a completely black and white combination. Especialy without borders... Erh... :/

Tue, Oct 24th at 06:41pm (11 years ago)
tflogic says:

me gusta.

Tue, Oct 24th at 09:45pm (11 years ago)

Thanks for the comments so far, especially for criticism. Its my first VS and without Tortis help I never had released so go easy on me. About the minimalistic thing: we keep it as clean as possible, even if people say its spooned up - we dont care, we love minimalism. asuraci: There are thousands of skins with a black bottom and a line above/below - I dont think NIKA was the first. And please stop the flame (hello non minimalistic guys). We dont need it. And Staff: Why can someone give a 5er Rating without a constructive comment? In other releases (the tsunami Roll Wallpaper Screenshot) comments with critic and a low rating were deleted. Whats wrong with you?

Wed, Oct 25th at 03:05am (11 years ago)
Arleiygn says:

Wed, Oct 25th at 04:35am (11 years ago)
Torti says:

MIRO is a NIKA rip, NIKA is a VOID rip, VOID is a Clinical Rip and so on..

Wed, Oct 25th at 06:46am (11 years ago)
shocks says:

It doesn't matter what it's a rip of. The fact is we don't need no more visual styles that look similar to previous ones. If you want a nika or a void theme or whatever just mod the original and use it.

Wed, Oct 25th at 07:49pm (11 years ago)


Thu, Oct 26th at 12:42pm (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:

dang thought we were never gonna see another black and white minimalistic vs. to quote mynimal "There's almost no more creativity and the minimalism/aesthetics meter is going in the negatives."

Fri, Oct 27th at 02:17am (11 years ago)

"There are thousands of skins with a black bottom and a line above/below" - that is your own quote... WHY MAKE ANOTHER? No one needs another one of these over minimilistic, unoriginal, done-to-death, boring visual styles that is completely lacking of any creativity.

Fri, Oct 27th at 02:19pm (11 years ago)

So what font's are needed? I cleaned my fonts folder, and i think i cleaned a bit to much. So far i've managed to figure out it need Calibri, but it seems like i've got the wrong version.

Tue, Oct 31st at 01:13pm (11 years ago)

i am really loving this vs so much- it is one of my favorites right now-if not THE favorite- you managed to use the correct shade of pink (yay! it's not puerple!) - my favorite color- - and in a way that is not all like foo-foo girly (if that nakes any sense)

Tue, Jul 14th at 05:19pm (8 years ago)
ramirn says:

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Tue, Mar 2nd at 08:02pm (7 years ago)
ramirn says:

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Fri, Mar 19th at 12:38am (7 years ago)

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Created by trashmonkey
and Torti
on October 24th, 2006


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