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Artist's Note

A simple minimalistic skin that is usable and customizeable.
This style comes with 2 substyles, normal and mini/compact.
To use mini/compact, please download StrokeIT [link] for mouse gestures as it is WAY too thin.
Fonts included!

****Update**** ver3 now. new substyles, thin and blue.


This vs was based on Minimal Classic by Static- it says in the description, quote
"Feel Free To Mod And Release .. Ports Are Also Allowed (With Proper Credit)"

So yeah, have fun and give feedback, tell me if i should continue and make a final version of this :)

Comments (18)


Not bad, a bit rough in some areas that if fixed up would make this excellent.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 09:47pm (11 years ago)
kowoolo says:

hey, you're throwing out one vs after the other :D this one's very nice, keep on.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 04:43am (11 years ago)
syretrip says:

Looks good all over, i personally don't like when the start menu is floating.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 05:02am (11 years ago)

Hehe, these caption buttons in Blue variant look like from SkyOS :]

Wed, Aug 2nd at 05:28am (11 years ago)
egolatra says:

the thin substyle is my fav. BTW are you in the VL now?

Wed, Aug 2nd at 06:47am (11 years ago)
ashura says:


Wed, Aug 2nd at 07:20am (11 years ago)
Kul says:

You keep getting better and better man, ths stuff is really good, you should drop by the channel when you can ;)

Wed, Aug 2nd at 07:24am (11 years ago)

oh nice, yeah gotta say thin is hot. all round smooth theme, excellent work.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 08:13am (11 years ago)
Spectral says:

im not that fond of the buttons, but everything else is nice

Wed, Aug 2nd at 09:07am (11 years ago)
biftek. says:

Just elaborate on the scroll bars.
They look like poo compaired to the glossy look of every thing else.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 10:18am (11 years ago)

Nice theme. Looks like you use blank icons, where might I download a hacked shell32 like that?

Wed, Aug 2nd at 11:34am (11 years ago)

If there was another font such as Arial or Tahoma included, I would use this. Im not a big fan of all-caps fonts for everyday use.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 01:22pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

great variations, im with ff on the fonts though. good work keep em coming.

Wed, Aug 2nd at 02:37pm (11 years ago)
kali2005 says:

i don't like the fonts... at all... still the design is good :-)

Wed, Aug 2nd at 05:01pm (11 years ago)
Kshroom says:

the fonts... well need work try sometihng more normal (opinion) but i love the rest my only tiff is the fonts....always the fonts...

Wed, Aug 2nd at 08:59pm (11 years ago)
TheAZN303 says:

That is class. The font selection needs a bit more consistency though...

Fri, Aug 4th at 07:15am (11 years ago)
Nylons says:

Looking smooth! Nice work

Sat, Aug 26th at 09:19am (11 years ago)

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Created by enspia
on August 2nd, 2006


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