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Artist's Note

Next vs, but this time in yellow color becouse im inspirated by lambo . This theme its in 95% complete! I relase full version a few days!

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (17)


nice work, really (and if you put a Kill Bill wallpaper, this looks just great), totally A+ for a first submission, welcome to custo.

Sun, Jun 25th at 05:41pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

wow... i dig it

Sat, Jun 24th at 08:45pm (11 years ago)
biftek. says:

I'm not likeing the yellow, but it's nice.

Sat, Jun 24th at 09:22pm (11 years ago)
soleil says:


Sun, Jun 25th at 09:42am (11 years ago)
fearpi says:

Pretty slick.

Sun, Jun 25th at 09:43am (11 years ago)
blueslaad says:

Very nice.

Sun, Jun 25th at 11:12am (11 years ago)

im supprised u didnt put a lambo. logo anywhere

Sun, Jun 25th at 06:08pm (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

too much like luna recolored...

Mon, Jun 26th at 07:52pm (11 years ago)

too rounded, needs to be sharp like the gallardo, maybe release the murcielago with that in mind?

Sun, Jul 9th at 02:35pm (11 years ago)
Latinito says:

That is very good.... can you do a with Ferrari enzo..

Thu, Jul 13th at 09:34am (11 years ago)

Nice. I can't wait to see the finished product. I made a background that I prefer with the Murcielago if anyone would prefer it. It's designed for Widescreen, so I don't know how it would look under a regular monitor.

Fri, Jul 14th at 03:30am (11 years ago)
chicoicho says:

Super thanks

Fri, Jun 15th at 12:41am (10 years ago)
patherne says:

hello my name is patherne i want to know if it's free can u send it for me because i like it write to me and tell me if it's free nice pic Thanks u

Sun, Aug 5th at 03:54pm (10 years ago)
raulsail says:

How Can will the icons change my icons r still the same

Thu, Nov 8th at 10:52pm (10 years ago)

plz tel me how to install this???

Sun, Dec 9th at 08:58am (10 years ago)

yes indeed!!! Marvelous!!!!

Thu, Jul 2nd at 08:14am (8 years ago)
Manos MC says:

Hey dude nice theme but I don't know how to install it.
Can you help me or put a Read Me file in the download A.S.A.P. thanks a lot

Mon, May 24th at 05:10am (7 years ago)

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Created by havocki
on June 24th, 2006


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