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Artist's Note

Away | 15.04.2006

In Pack:
*Away Visualstyle (2ver)
*All needed fonts
*Styler toolbar
*Shell style (2ver)


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Comments (16)


Alot of people like the simple style including myself but there should be a limit. You have some awesome graphical ability as I've seen from your other endeavors but you fall short on using them in this release. It's way too simple and requires some more detail for it to be used long term. The rule of thumb is always quality over quantity, slow down on your releases and take the time to make them shine with detail or subtle detail since you're into making minimal styles. Props on the effort and keep at it. I remember when I first started as well.

Thu, Apr 20th at 08:23pm (11 years ago)
dozza says:

maximhuz you are a vs breeding machine =)

Mon, Apr 17th at 05:03am (11 years ago)
Torti says:


Mon, Apr 17th at 05:20am (11 years ago)
c1ean says:

Great pack.

Mon, Apr 17th at 06:26am (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:

damn i love seeing new VS's in the list. good work.

Mon, Apr 17th at 06:58am (11 years ago)
dac says:

hell yeah man
awesome work!

Mon, Apr 17th at 07:44am (11 years ago)
kevinlau7 says:

nice stuff

Mon, Apr 17th at 09:03am (11 years ago)
curre says:


Mon, Apr 17th at 11:55am (11 years ago)
rzepak says:

nic dodać nic ująć :)

Mon, Apr 17th at 04:32pm (11 years ago)

just when i was getting sick of asamov. simple and useable, and most importantly, a matching winamp skin!

Mon, Apr 17th at 07:11pm (11 years ago)
nghiem says:

This is lovely!

Mon, Apr 17th at 07:49pm (11 years ago)
Troper says:

Neat :)

Tue, Apr 18th at 08:04am (11 years ago)
F-Faded says:

i r liking ^_^

Fri, Apr 21st at 05:21pm (11 years ago)
r3ap3r says:

this is the biggest piece of shit ive seen in my life

Tue, Apr 25th at 09:41pm (11 years ago)

This is hot. I approve.

Mon, May 15th at 12:13pm (11 years ago)
biftek. says:

Simple, yes.
Modable, yes.
I like.

Mon, May 29th at 01:38am (11 years ago)

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Created by Maximhuz
on April 17th, 2006


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