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Artist's Note

Finally, my very first VS to complete my XXX suite.
Explorer ToolBar skin included (for use with StyleXP)

I know, it has this 2 years old look, but we all start from somewhere ;)

Thanks to Max for the guidelines.

And thanks to all the people for the support and feedback which helped me to finish up the suite.

Please install the inculded fonts.
PS. Be warned, it's VERY dark :D

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That's a goddamn nice suite!

Tue, Mar 14th at 04:04am (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

not my style, but i applaud your amount of effort on the suite...we dont see it alot here

Mon, Mar 13th at 05:58pm (11 years ago)

geot a glitch... the text in the box edoesn't show up blue anymore... even after a restart... e Teh problem also is in ethe start button: Why meeeee!!1

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:17pm (11 years ago)

she is very dark, but good

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:20pm (11 years ago)
-carnage- says:

well god damn, nylons, this is tight...two issues I'm having with it though: when you are typing in boxes such as this comment box that i'm all over right now, you cant actually see the text because everything shows up as all black...gets annoying...other thing is that my start button is messed up...may just need to reboot to fix that tho

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:21pm (11 years ago)

great "edge" to it. nice work make, good change from the norm. love the neon feel of it too. nice.

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:43pm (11 years ago)

effin orgasmic...

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:56pm (11 years ago)
shocks says:

it's good but how many more black themes are we going to have ?

Mon, Mar 13th at 06:57pm (11 years ago)

To carry out an entire suite by yourself. That's a feat..or feet. I'm impressed.

Mon, Mar 13th at 08:08pm (11 years ago)
scooby says:

ahhh. it was worth the wait

Mon, Mar 13th at 08:19pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:


Mon, Mar 13th at 08:53pm (11 years ago)
OftenK says:

Much too dark for my tastes, but no doubt a fine looking VS-- and part of an impressively complete suite. Well done!

Mon, Mar 13th at 09:06pm (11 years ago)

Im not sure if there are two fonts choices available, or if you just use two fonts throughout the vs, if its the latter, that would be my only problem with this... otherwise it looks good

Mon, Mar 13th at 09:29pm (11 years ago)
amp.angel says:

Nice VS Nylons. :) Very usable (at least to me it is. :P)

Mon, Mar 13th at 10:19pm (11 years ago)
Estuardo says:

Too dark for my tastes, but is very nice!

Mon, Mar 13th at 10:56pm (11 years ago)

Niice...and thank god, it's not using a Styler!

Mon, Mar 13th at 11:14pm (11 years ago)
felix says:

we need a styler toolbar :)

Mon, Mar 13th at 11:57pm (11 years ago)
Nylons says:

Thanks to all for the support. carnage: FF: yeah, I use 2 fonts throughout the vs. One for the vs, the other only for caption bars.

Tue, Mar 14th at 03:25am (11 years ago)
Generic says:

congrats on finnishing this one nylons , its looking verry good, i remember when you first came to this forum posting basic rainmeter skins...look at you now ...a bit 2 dark for me to use but thats just me.
@shocks : well why don't you make us a non-black vs then ?

Tue, Mar 14th at 05:58am (11 years ago)
Kul says:

Excelent work homie, keep at it and shocks, I donīt think you get to decide what colors people use on their vsīs

Tue, Mar 14th at 06:02am (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:


Tue, Mar 14th at 06:52am (11 years ago)
rituaL says:

nylons, you're a beast

Tue, Mar 14th at 08:02am (11 years ago)
moshi says:

tres bien :) feels good to finish something two year old, doesnīt it ;) especially when it turns out so nice like this one

Tue, Mar 14th at 12:13pm (11 years ago)
akka says:

congrats on finishing it :) very well constructed

Tue, Mar 14th at 01:44pm (11 years ago)
snarph says:

Very stable looking could fit in an crowd

Tue, Mar 14th at 03:26pm (11 years ago)

PERFECT! It is just what I've been looking for!

Thu, Apr 13th at 03:40pm (11 years ago)

Versatile and sexy. This is damn near a masterpiece.

Tue, May 9th at 12:40am (11 years ago)

Exactly what I wanted, nice.

Sun, Jun 4th at 03:47am (11 years ago)
Rychian says:

excelent!!!!!!!!!!!! completly stable, colors are blended well. love it so much, I did an Objectdock background for it.(for personal use) and a wallpaper for it as well. exactly what my world needed. on a 1-10 scale...12.

Mon, Jun 12th at 04:15am (11 years ago)

this is exactly what i always wanted in a interface desighn, for me... its absalootly perfect and sure would solve the screen eyes problem,lol. i have only one problem, i have windows xp thinkpad, how do i install this to work on my computer? i downloaded it but it dosent come with instalation instructions and i am clueless and dont want to ruin my computer. if any one can tell me how.... my e-mail is; mikewhite163232yahoo.com.

big thanx and lots of credit!

Fri, Sep 22nd at 09:27pm (11 years ago)

does anybudy have any idea how to apply the skins to my laptop? it only comes a s a zip. foldewr and i dont noe how to install..please message me with help and plenty of detail

Fri, Jul 27th at 07:28pm (10 years ago)
Kizzume says:

It glitches on a disappearing taskbar--you can only get it to reappear when clicking on the corners of the screen.

Thu, Aug 2nd at 05:51pm (10 years ago)

Great theme. I really like the darkness of it.

Also. Where can I get that wall?


Tue, Aug 5th at 05:07am (9 years ago)

Great theme. I really like the darkness of it.

Also. Where can I get that wall?


Tue, Aug 5th at 05:08am (9 years ago)
Monco says:

How do i install this theme??? I'm using xp on a desktop

Sun, Nov 30th at 12:01am (9 years ago)
wafelonia says:

hi ive made this account just to coment on htis so please reply:
i like the theme so much.
i know hot to install it to (stylexp right?).
anyway, what do u mean with please in stall the fonts?
do u mean the letter type or sumthing like that?


do i have to install those programs show on da pic?
not sure if winamp is on da pic but do i have to install that to?


Mon, Oct 5th at 04:56am (8 years ago)

how to apply this themes

Thu, Nov 5th at 09:25am (8 years ago)
TechSirj says:

Why are the fonts so small? I can hardly see anything... Is there a way to make them a little bigger?

Tue, Apr 20th at 04:00pm (7 years ago)

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