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Artist's Note

Incandescence an update to foton: bb, but no longer a mod
i dont think im going to be allowing mods of the vs to be release

remember to install the fonts by putting them into the windows\fonts\ folder

enjoy :)
- 5 color schemes with gradient or solid layout: orange, red, blue, green, gray
- 3 fonts: swis721, kroeger 05_55, arial

Comments (24)


it's like an update to the foton bb. i agree with jared, the gradients looks better

Tue, Jan 31st at 08:57pm (11 years ago)

i prefer the gradient versions the best. minimal but still has that edge.

Tue, Jan 31st at 02:49pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:

great vs!!

Tue, Jan 31st at 02:51pm (11 years ago)

All your VS's in your screens are beautiful. Yet somehow, the ones you release feel a bit lacking for me.

Tue, Jan 31st at 02:59pm (11 years ago)

nice, i was just thinking, "i need to re-do my desktop and then log in and find this. great work.

Tue, Jan 31st at 03:40pm (11 years ago)
-carnage- says:

I've actually been using the beta version of this for like four months...it just feels natural at this point. You know I like it. The grey one in the gradient style is by far the best in the pack. he said nobody can release mods of this, not nobody can mod this period. twats...

Tue, Jan 31st at 04:17pm (11 years ago)
split says:

glad to see you finally got it out, good job man.

Tue, Jan 31st at 04:29pm (11 years ago)

i'm with j3, definitely the gradient ones. Good job tC.

Tue, Jan 31st at 04:33pm (11 years ago)
Nylons says:

Nice release tC !

Tue, Jan 31st at 04:34pm (11 years ago)
Estuardo says:

Nice VS

Tue, Jan 31st at 04:43pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

sweet colours yum :)

Tue, Jan 31st at 05:03pm (11 years ago)
Static- says:

man you have done it again .. glad to see its finally released

Tue, Jan 31st at 06:45pm (11 years ago)
dac says:

awesome vs man... using right now!

Tue, Jan 31st at 07:02pm (11 years ago)

i do enjoy the color pack, and the gradients; saves me some reshacking. good work.

Tue, Jan 31st at 07:51pm (11 years ago)

not that usable... meh

Tue, Jan 31st at 10:00pm (11 years ago)

This needs a lot of work, the margins seem really screwed up, specially the bottom corners.

And I don't see why you won't allow mods if wanted, not like that style hasn't been done before many of times.

I made a mod of Clinical that looks exactly like this the day it was released by horoporo.

Wed, Feb 1st at 12:05am (11 years ago)

the gradient is a nice touch, it doesnt make sense for you to say no mods though, because this started out as a mod of someone else's work...

Wed, Feb 1st at 12:52am (11 years ago)

I like the "I DONT THINK IM NOT GOING TO ALLOW MODS ON THIS" on the notes. Spot on FrostedFlames.

Wed, Feb 1st at 05:23am (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:

What's the big deal about mods, it's not like your making royalties of this, nor will anyone else. It's only teh interweb. Just my two cents. Kudos to the united customizers team who just released their 'open-source' pack. we know what he ment carnage, 'twats'

Wed, Feb 1st at 07:09am (11 years ago)
syretrip says:

I really think this would fit great with NIKA06 litestep.

Wed, Feb 1st at 07:51am (11 years ago)
thirst says:

Loving this.

Wed, Feb 1st at 11:13am (11 years ago)

thx for the comments and like what carnage said, u can mod it all u want, just please dont release it

Wed, Feb 1st at 06:14pm (11 years ago)
extremist says:

love it.. use it :D

Fri, Mar 10th at 03:24pm (11 years ago)
wHlTE says:


Sat, Sep 1st at 02:05am (10 years ago)

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Created by theconcept
on January 31st, 2006


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