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Artist's Note

For my friends.

First submit here :)

Comments (22)


Not bad, you will have many many people modding it to flat black and soon it will be on many many screenshots.

Wed, Jan 25th at 03:09am (11 years ago)
c1ean says:

Nice and smooth looking. Of course, this is without testing it yet... :)

Tue, Jan 24th at 03:25pm (11 years ago)
OftenK says:

Nice work-- very usable.

Tue, Jan 24th at 03:45pm (11 years ago)
HughC says:

Welcome to Custo! Nice enough for a first submission, but it's not very original and still a bit rough around the edges . The start menu only looks half finished for example. A reasonable start, but i'm sure you can do better.

Tue, Jan 24th at 04:04pm (11 years ago)

looks attractive, gonna give it a try sometime

Tue, Jan 24th at 04:28pm (11 years ago)
Estuardo says:

nice, usable, but not very original (as HughC said alredy

Tue, Jan 24th at 04:46pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

nothing new under the sun, but that white border is a twist, but still i think it is a clinical+untitled remix.

Tue, Jan 24th at 05:01pm (11 years ago)
nghiem says:

It's a nice looking visual style. However, there are some things that are wrong/incomplete. The start menu, for example, ends abruptly (the lower right-hand corner is kind of gone). Also, the main caption font needs a little realigning, seeing as it is a little lower than it should be. Nevertheless, awesome first submission. I'm looking forward to the next version and your other submits as well.

Tue, Jan 24th at 05:03pm (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

yeah the start menu is pretty messed up...and the caption bar could be thinner or the text aligned, i agree with nghiem

Tue, Jan 24th at 05:19pm (11 years ago)
radical says:

looks nice, but yeah some bits of polishing and this vs would be awesome

Seems u took some inspirtion from area04 and other hey love styles

Tue, Jan 24th at 06:11pm (11 years ago)
arnette64 says:

really nice vs, pretty simillar to clinical and untitled but with it own style, good work

Tue, Jan 24th at 08:04pm (11 years ago)

Wow, that's so homo. I had the exact same start button for a LS theme I was working on. I mean EXACT same.

Tue, Jan 24th at 09:46pm (11 years ago)
nomadicrm says:

damnnn ill def use this when the vs is fixed

Tue, Jan 24th at 10:22pm (11 years ago)

very very very nice

Wed, Jan 25th at 03:02am (11 years ago)

very very nice. can you make a pink one please?

is it possible to make the fonts in the taskbar the same colour as the theme?

email me if you do -

Wed, Jan 25th at 05:17pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:

Thu, Jan 26th at 07:11pm (11 years ago)
jzatt says:

I really like this vs. Suits my laptop desk great!

Mon, Jun 5th at 07:28am (11 years ago)
stottpie says:

this skin is way better than area04, which has numerous problems.

Sat, Jul 15th at 03:46pm (11 years ago)

cool skin

Tue, Aug 22nd at 01:19am (11 years ago)
synorgy says:

Only thing I don't like is the white window border - change that to black and I'm floored.

In fact - I'll probably do it.

Mon, Jul 9th at 12:25am (10 years ago)
buluk says:

very love it...

Fri, Nov 20th at 09:47am (8 years ago)

This would look amazing with the gradient colorbar, instead of solid "spirit". Also, finally a VS that finally SHOWS the window controls. It's my biggest pet peeve when they hide those. Btw I love the minimal scroll bar :)

this could only be improved with a thin black border around the edge of windows; they get lost in all that white when you tile them...

Sat, Aug 28th at 08:52pm (7 years ago)

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Created by Troper
on January 24th, 2006


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