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XP Themes / Collide Visual Style (UPDATE)

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Collide Visual Style

Based Off The Winamp Skin By FrostedFlames --

Update ! -- Added New Compact Start Menu - Fixed Bugs


Bugs Are Bad - Please Report Them

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Comments (19)


Nice job guys. There's a couple of things I think you might want to take a look at. Because you have the captionbar hight set at 16 pixels it makes the icon in the top left corner and the icons in the taskbar all squished. Anything less then 18 pixels will squish the icons. There is a way to make the captionbar hight that small with out going under 18px. The MaxCaption needs to be fixed. The inactive part of that captionbar is a few pixels off. There's a few other minor things I noticed, pm me I'll be more then happy to help you out. I love the startmenu by the way. Nice work guys.

Wed, Oct 5th at 02:54am (12 years ago)
Static- says:

thanks heylove .. all things i havent seen with my own eyes .. as for the icon resize i know im working on it .. just cant get it right The_Prophet . the icons used are shaded by heylove .. modded

Tue, Oct 4th at 09:21pm (12 years ago)

This skin up there in my top 10. Bugs are bad mmmkay.

Tue, Oct 4th at 09:43pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

sweet vs man, love that start menu (chris is stupid, dont listen to him).

Tue, Oct 4th at 09:44pm (12 years ago)
dmonix says:

Thats shits it. But its bwight and herts my beedy lil eyes

Tue, Oct 4th at 09:47pm (12 years ago)

I like the compact start menu, nice work with the updates. I really appreciate all the work you've put into this.

Tue, Oct 4th at 10:05pm (12 years ago)
ommmie says:

great work, the start menu is wonderful.

Tue, Oct 4th at 10:49pm (12 years ago)
felix says:

what happened to the colors? i was using blue, but now i cant update it :(

Tue, Oct 4th at 10:58pm (12 years ago)

mmmmm chewy.

Wed, Oct 5th at 12:13am (12 years ago)
guybrush says:

mmmmm jummy.

on my top 10 vs list!

Wed, Oct 5th at 07:10am (12 years ago)


Wed, Oct 5th at 08:16am (12 years ago)

Does anybody know what icon set they used in the screen shot?

Wed, Oct 5th at 11:38am (12 years ago)
subzero says:


Wed, Oct 5th at 12:28pm (12 years ago)
ajax- says:

I love this theme! My only beef is that all the forum buttons on every webpage I visit is blacked out with black text... Otherwise this would get a 100 from me.

Wed, Oct 5th at 04:20pm (12 years ago)
aMADme says:

include another font instead of the useless large font option that only screws it ...then it ll be a 100 from me great VS thx a lot

Thu, Oct 6th at 11:55am (12 years ago)
twinky says:


Mon, Oct 31st at 12:19am (12 years ago)

Very nice work. Apart from those minor glitches its a very respectable package.

Any chance you could post the modded icon pack? Its just not the same without it ;)

Great stuff.


Fri, Dec 30th at 03:30am (12 years ago)
npy says:

Definitely my all time favourite vs. I just cant change it .

Tue, Feb 27th at 12:27pm (10 years ago)
callatis says:

could you give me some extra advice about the dll files that should be in the zip archive...litestep wont load the theme without the dll files from the mod....and an icon pack as well to load with style xp or something.....10x in advice O_o

Mon, Apr 2nd at 06:25pm (10 years ago)

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Created by Static-
and FrostedFlames
on October 4th, 2005


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