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Artist's Note

So here it is. loooooong over due. Unforuntly all I have to give you right now is the visual style and wallpapers. I've been so busy with life, I haven't had the time to finish everything else. I didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer. A few things about the visual style. There's 6 color schemes. If your wondering why there's isn't a shellstyle don't. There is. the point was to make it look like there isn't because imo, they're ugly. Thanks StefanKa! If you don't like the first font try the second and if you don't like the second try the third. There's something for everyone. Because I couldn't upload the 12mb file of wallpapers here's link to dl them. There's 2 versions for each color scheme.

A big, big, big, thanks to mr. j3_concepts and the 4imp crew. They helped out a lot with this suite. I promise you'll have the rest of the suite as soon as possible. As always comments and criticism welcome.

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Looks great. Nice color pack. Very usable. Although, this will get some criticism for lack of originality, let it be known this has been in the works for a long time. I'm sure you learned your lesson about giving previews ;). Anyways, awesome work. Can't wait for the rest of it.

Mon, Sep 26th at 09:47pm (12 years ago)

Nice to see this one finally out for public use. Excellent work, and I speak from experience in using this for the past while. Excellent color variations as well. One of thee best dark VS ever.

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:15pm (12 years ago)
Static- says:

Looks Great . and glad to see stuff from you again . its been way to long

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:19pm (12 years ago)
csae says:

best font selection evar. element = rip off this imo

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:20pm (12 years ago)
horoporo says:

I can see why this has taken so long now. The start button is excellent, and I love the progress bars. The mouseover effect on the taskbar is great as well. Caption buttons and colour schemes are well done too. Everything seems to fit together perfectly, awesome VS. Makes me think I should spend a little bit of extra time on what I make :(

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:20pm (12 years ago)
matt0 says:

That is really cool. I really love the buttons, tabs etc etc, really smooth and usable. Not totally crazy about the diagonal pattern in areas, an easy mod though. Coolest startbutton ever. Btw you're probably gonna get alot of "element" comparisons. edit my bad :)

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:22pm (12 years ago)

I like it, it's pretty nice. Not much of a review though, lol.

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:24pm (12 years ago)
heylove says:

element will get alot of comparison to area o4 you mean. This was in the works looong before element came out and I've had a preview of this up on DA for about 2 months now. =P EDIT Thanks everyone! Thanks Max! I knew about that little flaw. I was planning on doing a Firefox theme to go with the suite. That's why I left it like that. It's kind of annoying, I know. Sorry about that. Oh yeah almost forgot! Marius and Jared (j3_concepts) made the wallpaper. Just in case you didn't notice. =P HIM I didn't mean anything bad by that. Sorry if it came off that way. I was directing that towards the people who will actually compare it.

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:26pm (12 years ago)

a- (because of the firefox bug)

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:37pm (12 years ago)

Nice work here. Can't wait for the icon pack ;)

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:40pm (12 years ago)

I really like this. I am not surprised though because you always seem to submit grade A stuff. Nice job to you and all the people that helped you! Cant wait for the rest of the suite

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:45pm (12 years ago)
riKo says:

This is realy great! It's really smooth! Can't wait for the rest of it!

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:46pm (12 years ago)
kusken says:

Looks very nice. Keep up the good work

Mon, Sep 26th at 04:50pm (12 years ago)
HughC says:

At long last! I can't stress how much I've anticpated getting my sweaty mitts on this VS. Love the shaded elements too - gives the whole vs a subtly textured feel. Lovely.

Mon, Sep 26th at 05:02pm (12 years ago)
mot10n says:


Mon, Sep 26th at 05:20pm (12 years ago)
dive says:

very stylish! nice work and , god dammit, keep it up!

Mon, Sep 26th at 05:33pm (12 years ago)
flatdan says:


Mon, Sep 26th at 05:48pm (12 years ago)
icube001 says:

found a bug!

If you can fix it somehow it will be perfect

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:03pm (12 years ago)
WinT says:

Even though I can't use this, or any other VS due to not having XP, your works are always very inspirational, and top shelf all the way. I downloaded the wall pack though, cause well, I can use those, hehe :) Anyway, excellent job as always, clean cut, great style. 100 deserved in full :)

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:23pm (12 years ago)
Frenchie says:

What about a litestep theme? That might make this thing exactly equal to jesus :)

Beautiful work Heylove!

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:30pm (12 years ago)

your finest work yet.

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:32pm (12 years ago)

It's super. I like the pink version.

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:51pm (12 years ago)
HIM says:

Dear heylove, you are a very talented artist and i respect you. Element was a VS mod by me, for me. I decided to release it because people liked it and asked for it. " element will get alot of comparison to area o4 you mean." sounds a bit funny or should i say "gratuit" to my ears, but thats just me. My intentions were not competition nor fame. Just so you know, i never saw your area 04 preview, this is the first time i see it and it looks amazing! I though i understood the philosophy behind custo, maybe i was wrong... Anyhow, next time i think i'll keep my work for myself. Regards. HIM

Mon, Sep 26th at 06:55pm (12 years ago)

Over/under on screenshots this will appear in over the next month: 20. And I'll take the over. Oh, and this is definitely neat :)

Mon, Sep 26th at 07:13pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

i was so waiting for it. thanx cara

Mon, Sep 26th at 07:24pm (12 years ago)
1nfinite says:

I knew eventually someone would come up with the same idea as i once had.. i was just too lazy to actually do something with it :\

Mon, Sep 26th at 07:32pm (12 years ago)
dunbar says:

I think the attention to detail in this theme is excellent, and is one of the main things that set it apart from so many of the mod-minimal style themes so often presented in screenshots. The suite, wallpaper included, seems to be the natural evolution of the work 4imp has done in the past, a strong combo of what's considered an old trend and new elements. While I always feel a bit guilty about using a whole suite, feeling that the creator has made all my creative choices for me, it's nice to know that when I use this (and I will) that the creative choices are all ones I fully support.

Mon, Sep 26th at 07:48pm (12 years ago)

Fecking hawt. Thanks. =)

Mon, Sep 26th at 08:48pm (12 years ago)

Wicked! -1 for the font being a dash too small and -1 for the buttons being a dash too round (But they are just minor elements) Well done, I super love this VS.

Mon, Sep 26th at 10:05pm (12 years ago)
cmkumar2k says:

superb work dude.. i like it very much...... keep coming more like this.... cheers

Mon, Sep 26th at 10:06pm (12 years ago)
mince says:

Simply stunning, I love it! (the rating should be 999, but I can't fit it in)

Tue, Sep 27th at 12:42am (12 years ago)
BruceLee says:

the cake....

Tue, Sep 27th at 12:51am (12 years ago)

It is clean, functional, and absolutely sexy. You have done simply an awesome job and have once again proved that you are an elite skinner.

Tue, Sep 27th at 12:54am (12 years ago)
esmik says:

Love it! it's just awesome. would love an icon package too :D

Tue, Sep 27th at 02:16am (12 years ago)

very nice, very 4imp

Tue, Sep 27th at 03:37am (12 years ago)
guybrush says:

really usable!

Tue, Sep 27th at 06:16am (12 years ago)
qwertz says:

using it now. tomorrow will be building a litestep theme for it.

Tue, Sep 27th at 06:46am (12 years ago)
sinome says:

what can i say that hasnt already been said ?.. just great. but the thing i dont like is thath the cap bar is a bit to big for mys tyle. other then that love it.. u went out to the max whit this thing..*love it*

Tue, Sep 27th at 06:48am (12 years ago)

Have been waiting for this one... absolutely love it... Nice work as always Heylove

Tue, Sep 27th at 08:27am (12 years ago)
ranqour says:

Beautiful one!

Tue, Sep 27th at 09:55am (12 years ago)

Looks great, Thanks for the effort

Tue, Sep 27th at 10:45am (12 years ago)
Generic says:

thnx for the release heylove , i really like your style and work ...its as we say "tip top "

Tue, Sep 27th at 11:35am (12 years ago)

i like the vs alot but i wish the colors were more bold.

Tue, Sep 27th at 12:24pm (12 years ago)
i1o0i says:

WOW!!! I'm really did looking foward to heylove's new suite! I'm going to download this vs for sure!

Tue, Sep 27th at 06:26pm (12 years ago)

Awesome work, heylove! When I saw this one in "featured", I knew I had to create my account here! WOW! Avant Garde is matching so unbelievably perfect! I'm almost overwhelmed with something so beautiful!! heylove rocks!!!!! edit: loving the progress bar!

Tue, Sep 27th at 06:33pm (12 years ago)
xrance says:

there gonna be a litestep version in the suite?

Tue, Sep 27th at 07:31pm (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

cool and the gang

Wed, Sep 28th at 06:29am (12 years ago)

Well I finally joined Customize after looking around for over a year. This is one of the nicest VS I've seen yet. Looking forward to see the icons and winamp if you plan on releasing. Always loved your work heylove, very nice job on this one.

Wed, Sep 28th at 03:37pm (12 years ago)

move mojo move, we need more litestep! If I could do it justice, i would, but i can't, so i wont.

Wed, Sep 28th at 06:10pm (12 years ago)
akka says:

well worth the wait :] you always pay such attention to detail, it's fantastic, and very much appreciated. so thanks :]

Wed, Sep 28th at 07:41pm (12 years ago)
eyn says:

Thanks for finally releasing it, heylove, I'm your VS fan! :D I've been using SHADED and then Aesthetic Groove, now we got areao4, thank you for making Windows a beautiful OS. Will you release any icons for the suite? -- To fix Firefox bugs, add this to your userchrome.css: tab[selected="true"] {color: #E5E5DB !important; }

Wed, Sep 28th at 08:28pm (12 years ago)
Lithanor says:

As always, love your work!~

Sat, Oct 1st at 06:12am (12 years ago)
WillyT says:

Shouldnt u be like modeling or something

Mon, Oct 24th at 09:34pm (12 years ago)

Yeah, now this is cool. Well executed!!

Wed, Oct 26th at 04:49am (12 years ago)
seifip says:


Wed, Nov 2nd at 06:41am (12 years ago)
sticboy says:

i never said thank you for this beautiful piece of work, thanks :)

Tue, Nov 29th at 09:01pm (12 years ago)
rixen says:

Looks great but I'm having one problem. The bar on the left of folders with common tasks does not show up even when it turns on.

Fri, Dec 9th at 01:01pm (12 years ago)

pure genius. I love everything about it and am highly anticipating the rest of the package.

Sat, Dec 24th at 08:21am (11 years ago)
axialix says:

You are the VS master! Will you marry me?

Fri, Feb 10th at 10:51am (11 years ago)
E-scope00 says:

Nice skin! I've been using this skin for the past couple of months.

theo nly problem that i'm having right now is that the filmstrip doesn't work :(

Any way to debug this?

Fri, Mar 24th at 05:42pm (11 years ago)
briansage says:

Beautiful, very usable skin. Thanks for making a skin that's just as real-world usable as it is beautiful.

One Nit-pick: the mouse coordinates are a shifted a little to the left when hovering over the minimize/restore/close buttons. Sorry for the bad description, but I've never made a skin, myself, so I don't know the right wording.

Tue, May 2nd at 11:08pm (11 years ago)
Wraithh says:


Sat, Dec 16th at 08:44pm (10 years ago)

mmmmm =)

Sat, Sep 8th at 03:48pm (10 years ago)
mrfart says:

I love this theme. still more than the new one, but I can't figure out how to make the preview-pane work in the left explorer bar in a map. Can anyone help me with this?

Wed, Oct 17th at 05:06am (10 years ago)

Hey, Love

I've left many comments in your D.A Gallery about your work. You have released one favorite after another of beautiful V.S'. Love em. I've never had every single one of my favorites of something, all be made by one single artist. You seem to have hit a perfect harmony with my taste - every tiny detail is exactly how i would want it.

i have used all of your V.S' at one point, and there seems to be this weird bug with all 3 of your area ones (im pretty sure none of your other V.S' do it)- but it keeps my folders stuck in "Classic" mode- even when i select to "show common tasks" , it still stays in Classic View- i've tried everything & can't seem to fix it. I love the area V.S' so much, that i'll use them anyway until i can't stand it anymore, & switch to something else- but that sucks, especially when area looks better with my setup. Has anyone else ever reported this bug? or does anyone know how to fix it? (like i said, i have already tried to go into folder options, & check "show common tasks"- in fact, it is checked, but it's not working) Thanks for such great work =^._.^=

Tue, Mar 11th at 07:13pm (9 years ago)

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