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ROGUE vs v1.0 visual style for use on Windows xp & Windows 2003 server
ROGUE was derived from my ELFIN vs. I've always wanted to do a plain, white based vs and now ROGUE is the fruition of that plan. The buttons were a big problem in the beginning but thanks to some help from a few in the community I was able to pull it off :) PROPS!
Special thanks to those who gave assistance with the theme:

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Copyright © 2003 - 2005 OK3 Media, visionleague ™

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Comments (26)


A plain white vs is not for everyone, but this one is very well done. Not very much detail, but just enough to not be too plain. Great caption buttons and a nice suite to go along. Great work.

Mon, Sep 19th at 05:25pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

elfin antitesis. and a rollback to the blanc et noir desktops. Indeed nice.

Sun, Sep 18th at 04:54pm (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

I don't have to tell you how do I like this plain, white theme, coz you already know it :P

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:04pm (12 years ago)
_Gigi says:

nice, but could be better. too bright for the eyes. maybe an other color pack?

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:15pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

props max

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:25pm (12 years ago)
jononfire says:

The button is messed up.

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:30pm (12 years ago)
dive says:

yeah a colour pack would be nice, looks nice.

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:42pm (12 years ago)
abbaZaba says:

god, hate white. would look good in other colors. and if a colorpack is gonna come out of this, don't half ass it; whatever is white make it the new color.

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:47pm (12 years ago)
flatdan says:

Wow you guys have been busy, fantastic work.

Sun, Sep 18th at 05:57pm (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:


Sun, Sep 18th at 06:41pm (12 years ago)
Kul says:

And i remember when you criticized white themes hah, very good job man, im lovin it

Sun, Sep 18th at 07:28pm (12 years ago)

Looks great. Nice and clean.

Sun, Sep 18th at 08:16pm (12 years ago)


Sun, Sep 18th at 08:17pm (12 years ago)

as frostedflames said, nice caption buttons.

Sun, Sep 18th at 08:53pm (12 years ago)
riKo says:

It's good to see something from you guys again, nice work.

Mon, Sep 19th at 12:27pm (12 years ago)
Maximhuz says:


Mon, Sep 19th at 01:43pm (12 years ago)
heylove says:

There once was a time Max used to bitch at me for my white themes. Weird. Ok so the visual style. I just applied and went through it like I do every visual style subbmitted here on custo and you did a excellent job putting it together. Buggless! I'm not one to complain about white themes. I like white themes. White themes make me smile but I think this could use a splash of color. It's very bland. Maybe the hovers or in the shellstyle?

"I do not want to see it altered or modified in anyway shape or form" Is that including for personal use too? I hope not.
EDIT Fortunately your all entitled to your own opinion. Isn't that great? But why are you wasting your time criticizing other peoples comments? Nobody cares. If you have something to say about the submission then by golly say it. Whether it's good or bad the submitters will deal with it. If FF thinks it's good enough to feature then it's good enough to feature. Who are you to say FF shouldn't have featured it?

Tue, Sep 20th at 09:25am (12 years ago)

Yeah i remember something about "white theme hatin" too.
Gotta say the theme is well layed out.
Though i don't find it usable, (personal taste) just too bleached out. Still love visionleague though ;) EDIT I guess the joke got out of hand.
Like i said i dont think i could use it, but i think its well done.

Tue, Sep 20th at 11:48am (12 years ago)

Yes it is clean. Yes it is usable. In the end though it's still just another solid white theme, but I still respect the effort and the time you put into this.

Tue, Sep 20th at 09:17pm (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

is that imp character thingy based on spr33?

Wed, Sep 21st at 02:48am (12 years ago)
radical says:

Not really my cup of tea, but i can see a lot of ppl liking it

Wed, Sep 21st at 11:56am (12 years ago)
akka says:

i can see the resemblence, liq ;D. max, i can't apply it to test it out, atm, but from the screenshot looks solid :] all the way through.

Wed, Sep 21st at 01:44pm (12 years ago)
xcal says:

The too-slight contrast makes it very difficult to use this style. I find it hard to discern between elements in certain applications, and could never use this as a regular style.

Wed, Sep 21st at 02:04pm (12 years ago)

Not surprised with this submission. It's always a good day when VisionLeague releases a suite. Nice job guys, I will be sporting this suite for awhile.

Thu, Sep 22nd at 05:49pm (12 years ago)
davidcie says:

I generally strongly dislike white themes, they're too hard on my eyes after a short while. I need appreciate this one though, it's well done. Plus a theme pack! Still will not use it for long - perhaps a light-grey or some pastel colour version would be possible..?

Thu, Sep 22nd at 07:20pm (12 years ago)

Its bright but i like it. How can i get the wallpaper?

Fri, Sep 23rd at 06:33am (12 years ago)

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Created by visionleague
and Max
on September 18th, 2005


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