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Artist's Note

Square version of element VS.

2 Wallpapers included.

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Not very original or creative, but this seems to be the popular style right now, so Im sure this will be very popular.

Mon, Sep 19th at 05:24pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

imrik has a point. anyways... i liek teh wallpaper

Sun, Sep 18th at 12:50am (12 years ago)
HIM says:

I'm truly sorry...you are totally right.
I'm really not trying to rip anybody, believe me i respect a lot of artists on this site including you!

So, again, a big thanks to matt0 and OmART for letting me use "myfoton" as a template visual style.



Sun, Sep 18th at 01:00am (12 years ago)

Keep it up, HIM. Two thumbs up for the effort - while it may not be 'original' or 'innovative', it's still making my desktop look pretty and fills in the visualstyle blues that has been plaguing the Net for a while.

Sun, Sep 18th at 01:11am (12 years ago)
matt0 says:

Building from the ground up also makes it easier to avoid bugs, or atleast fix them right away. I learned that the hard way.

Sun, Sep 18th at 01:40am (12 years ago)
cheeks_jd says:

after using this for a few hours, i like it. It goes perfectly with my rainmeter skins. props.

Sun, Sep 18th at 09:26pm (12 years ago)

what icons are those?

Fri, Sep 23rd at 11:42am (12 years ago)
Reservise says:

Dude, this shit is dope, I love it. It is more easy on the eyes than a lot of other "minimal" themes out there if I have to say. I really want a Winamp skin to match this... and possibly a firefox skin.

Mon, Oct 17th at 05:05am (12 years ago)
HeLGeNX says:

This is the first 100 I have ever given, and it's well deserved. (I am also reservise.) I have been using this theme for over a month now, and this quite possibly the best theme out there. I hope you can make more color themes possibly, or upgrade it in any way possible. It gives me the functionality I need, goes great with almost anything, and you got the font right on point, damn.... greatness at it's best.

Mon, Oct 24th at 12:44pm (12 years ago)


Wed, Jul 5th at 01:40am (11 years ago)

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Created by HIM
on September 18th, 2005


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