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minimal visual style
3 colors

thanks to matt0 and OmART for letting me use "myfoton" VS as a base theme.

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A little bold for my tastes, mabe some revisions here and there, but will appeal to the mass of minmal-heads out there.

Fri, Sep 16th at 05:11pm (12 years ago)
666MPH says:

This is what I've waited for...good job HIM!

Fri, Sep 16th at 10:20am (12 years ago)
guybrush says:

looks sweet but on my system it cuts off some words(verlassen = exit, is cut of at the a) if you could slove that it would be great but for now i can only give the half of the points i would give

Fri, Sep 16th at 10:22am (12 years ago)
khelmir says:

pretty cool but slightly rough.. a 1.1 revision with some nice revisions would be good!

Fri, Sep 16th at 11:15am (12 years ago)
brian8673 says:

gj man

Fri, Sep 16th at 02:34pm (12 years ago)
elter says:

those jaggy edges...tsk tsk...but good work

Fri, Sep 16th at 07:20pm (12 years ago)

Cool but... but... Where´s the red, yellow and even purple for the (girls)

Sat, Sep 17th at 10:21pm (12 years ago)
radical says:

awesome style...need more colours tho

Sat, Sep 17th at 11:56pm (12 years ago)

theme is pretty messed up when using the taskbar on the left or right side of your desk. nice work tho :)

Sun, Sep 18th at 03:08pm (12 years ago)

I love it!!! This theme is exactly what I have been waiting for- it is absolutely awesome!!

Sat, Mar 24th at 08:05pm (10 years ago)
acebm3 says:

text too bold, and background too white., though it looks good.

Sat, May 26th at 05:44am (10 years ago)
mehdi says:


Mon, Dec 21st at 10:41am (7 years ago)

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Created by HIM
on September 16th, 2005


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