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Artist's Note


Collide Visual Style

Based off the winamp skin by FrostedFlames

Substyles - Blue/Green - More On The Way


Bugs Are Bad So Report Them !!

Comments (25)


Orginal review from: j3_concepts: Goes great with that winamp skin, nice to see VSs to compliment FF's great skins. Nice work guys.

This was recently un erased which is the reason that it came back to the admin queue for re rating

Thu, Jan 19th at 01:30pm (12 years ago)
Static- says:

- Bugs/Issues Fixed - New Version - All Updated Versions Uploaded Here --

Thu, Aug 18th at 03:32am (12 years ago)
-avatar says:

haha nice man! thanks for telling me not to bother porting it, i nearly did :P
Great style even though i probably wont use it, too nano-like for me :) FOUND A BUG! When in max caption mode, the buttons are a different gradient :O

Thu, Aug 18th at 03:55am (12 years ago)
flatdan says:

Good work, nice to see more excellent visual styles.

Thu, Aug 18th at 04:00am (12 years ago)

thank you :)

Thu, Aug 18th at 05:00am (12 years ago)
rioo says:


Thu, Aug 18th at 05:41am (12 years ago)
sbbath says:

very nice, i've never really seen a VS based off of a winamp skin. That's pretty nice.

Thu, Aug 18th at 06:22am (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

nice job guys.

Thu, Aug 18th at 08:57am (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

not a VL release? its nice, i always liked that WA skin... but its port as a vs was unexpected. Great job. i dont know how to rate this wonderful job... over the 90's for sure.

Thu, Aug 18th at 08:57am (12 years ago)

nice job, man

Thu, Aug 18th at 09:17am (12 years ago)

I'm sure I don't speak for everyone, but I'm getting just a wee bit tired of these nano- and untitled-lookalike themes.

Thu, Aug 18th at 11:18am (12 years ago)
timbot says:

Hoshid. That is an incredible style.

Thu, Aug 18th at 12:45pm (12 years ago)
matt0 says:

That's cool, got it on now, only problem I see is the way you've sized the caption bar, it resizes some of the icons too. Most notably the systray icons. I had the same problem with Marina at first.

Thu, Aug 18th at 01:08pm (12 years ago)
1nfinite says:

looks like nano kind of

Thu, Aug 18th at 01:40pm (12 years ago)

hot stuff

Thu, Aug 18th at 07:30pm (12 years ago)
Stengah says:

Easy on my eyes, gives me room to breathe while replacing my previous scheme that was clashing horribly. Thank you so much, good job.

Thu, Aug 18th at 07:58pm (12 years ago)
xrance says:

definitly need a litestep theme!!!!

Thu, Aug 18th at 09:12pm (12 years ago)

Hot. More fonts would be appreciated, but. =)

Fri, Aug 19th at 08:25am (12 years ago)

how do u create/edit a vs?

Fri, Aug 19th at 06:27pm (12 years ago)
Colossal says:

good work, you two..

Sat, Aug 20th at 08:58am (12 years ago)

The majority of the credit goes to static. I did the winamp skin and a mock-up of the vs. He did all the work putting together the VS. Great job man

Sun, Aug 21st at 01:17am (12 years ago)
guybrush says:

really nice to use and kinda nice to just look on it!

Wed, Sep 7th at 11:55am (12 years ago)

very nice, icons look great

Sun, Sep 18th at 06:57am (12 years ago)

I love how smooth the windows are. 5/5

Mon, Feb 15th at 02:41pm (7 years ago)

nice clean minimal style

Fri, Mar 12th at 08:26am (7 years ago)

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Created by Static-
and FrostedFlames
on August 18th, 2005


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