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Artist's Note

this time a lighter and less bulky vs, tried to keep things simple and less curved to get the idea of what a minimal vs is all about ( its not minimal ;) though)

any comments or suggestions most welcome
have a nice day!

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Comments (11)


Kinda big. The startmenu's rounded corners could use some smoothening out. I like the titlebars though.

Wed, Apr 20th at 08:43pm (12 years ago)
abbaZaba says:

where is this lighter and less bulky visualstyle you speak of?

Wed, Apr 6th at 01:52pm (12 years ago)

yea....if you realy know what minimal is, check out anything by FOURimpressions

Wed, Apr 6th at 06:48pm (12 years ago)
dandin1 says:

It's bulky, but it doesn't suck. Some annoyances were:
Gray background: Just keep it white.
Big space between start and open progs.

The menu buttons (like the IE buttons) look aglu, I never liked having a big square around them.
The image for the status bar is too smal, it repeats twice.

The start menu looks pretty cool.

Wed, Apr 6th at 06:53pm (12 years ago)

lighter and less bulky than my previous one, and where did i say it was minimal ?

Wed, Apr 6th at 10:59pm (12 years ago)
Txiasaeia says:

"and where did i say it was minimal ?"

Hmm... here? "tried to keep things simple and less curved to get the idea of what a minimal vs is all about"

Look at the curves around the start menu - needs more work.

Thu, Apr 7th at 12:57am (12 years ago)
alterion says:

far far far too BULKY... good idea but..ugh

Thu, Apr 7th at 02:45am (12 years ago)
BozzLe says:

As previously stated, it's too bulky, big, thick, etc. Try putting it on a diet and adding another colour in the mix to work with and as also stated earlier, get rid of the grey gradient.

Thu, Apr 7th at 02:58am (12 years ago)

bulky indeed, the image of the start menu in the preview on this page is only slightly smaller than my actual start menu

Thu, Apr 7th at 05:46am (12 years ago)
Punhal says:

That is rocking and shocking! Great work!

Fri, Feb 17th at 10:21am (11 years ago)

this damn theme fucked up my profile everythings black and now i cant change my profile this damn box im writin in is black somebody help me fix this shit

Fri, Nov 9th at 04:39pm (10 years ago)

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Created by Mohsin Naqi
on April 6th, 2005


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