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Artist's Note

Very minimalistic Visual Style in grey tones.
Only one color scheme available at the moment, i'll include more in the next update.
Inspired by Dotted VS by Gigatexel.

Comments (14)


You've come to the right place for displaying your minimal works. Looks clean and usable, good work man.

Sat, Feb 19th at 02:52am (12 years ago)
iievu says:

I really like this! Nice work.

Fri, Feb 18th at 02:07pm (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

cool I can't wait for the rest of the colors.

Fri, Feb 18th at 02:18pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

I'd like a black one with red motives

Fri, Feb 18th at 02:41pm (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

well this is really well done.

Fri, Feb 18th at 02:45pm (12 years ago)
WeeGee says:

Sexy wall, what's it called?

Fri, Feb 18th at 03:42pm (12 years ago)
Bioshadow says:

Thanks for the comments ;)

The wall can be found here

In response to eRad ( i cant send another post :( ) :
It isn't a rip from that visual style, my vs is inspired by that vs, yes thats true but this isn't a rip off, everything was made by me on Photoshop.

Minimal visual styles tend to look identical, like inphlict said, this was done before, i just made a visual style inspired by that one you said. Rip off? Never...

Fri, Feb 18th at 03:58pm (12 years ago)
Tril- says:

i love it

Fri, Feb 18th at 06:15pm (12 years ago)
zorlac says:

ahhh gostei! simples i com classe..bom trabalho! continua!

Fri, Feb 18th at 06:26pm (12 years ago)
inphlict says:

Been done before but still really well done.

Fri, Feb 18th at 07:01pm (12 years ago)
felix says:

you really need more color schemes.. i love this.

Sat, Feb 19th at 01:25am (12 years ago)
eRad says:

am i the ONLY one here who sees this is a direct rip (or a mod) of gigatexel's Dotted theme?

EDIT: Thats fine, but at least recognize its similarity to Dotted.. and maybe just give a little credit for the inspiration? Good work nonetheless...

Sat, Feb 19th at 08:26am (12 years ago)
riske says:

its pretty good ;)

Fri, Feb 25th at 12:51pm (12 years ago)
meddler says:

Iīm using it, and I really like it! Donīt care if this is a direct rip from another theme...who cares!

Wed, Jul 26th at 12:00pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Bioshadow
on February 18th, 2005


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