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XP Themes / Nano Visual Style (Dark Taskbar)

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Nano VS with a dark taskbar.

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Great addition to a superb style

Sat, Jul 31st at 07:10am (13 years ago)
zorlac says:


Fri, Jul 16th at 06:18pm (13 years ago)

Ahh... Tits.

Fri, Jul 16th at 06:22pm (13 years ago)

4imp has always been my favorite since the axis series came out...axis is stil IMHO the best VS that ever came out...when i saw this one i was exited..this VS is a beauty ...too bad that the only thing that stops me from using this one is the greyish tint and the not pitch black bars..iff this VS would be just plain pure white with black bars (like the black and white sticboy did on his last vs) than this vs would take it 2 annother level,the feeling ,the look,the detail...i guess its just a difference of taste so do not take this as a negative comment as i said the vs rocks.Cheers

Fri, Jul 16th at 07:49pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

the suite just keeps going and going and going. excellent work whistl3r and 4IMP

Fri, Jul 16th at 08:18pm (13 years ago)
sticboy says:


Fri, Jul 16th at 09:44pm (13 years ago)
fokus says:

imo, all the colors used except orange(whistl3r) doesn't go witch black, but maybe i just got sensitiv eyes, gj anyways.

Sat, Jul 17th at 01:43am (13 years ago)
carmatec says:

spreads karma thru each inch of my monitor .. nanomalism

Sat, Jul 17th at 07:53am (13 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Sweet biscuits, another good edition to the suite... dark is always better.. gj Whistl3r.

Hey are you taking any request for skins to match this suite?

If so:
And some YxToolbar icons come to mind.

Sat, Jul 17th at 12:49pm (13 years ago)
Gearman says:

I saw this a couple days ago, and yet I didn't comment. I can't for the life of me figure out why. It's absolutely incredible. Simply spectacular.

Sun, Jul 18th at 07:14pm (13 years ago)
aezs says:

Great Visuals.. very nice. Not useable at 1280x1024 tho... fonts are way too smal.. i'd go blind :(

Tue, Jul 20th at 03:45am (13 years ago)

Kicks [email protected]#$!! Consistant...tits!!

Wed, Aug 18th at 06:19am (13 years ago)
olokai says:

The best VS ever!

Fri, Oct 1st at 08:58pm (13 years ago)

the best VS i have found !

Wed, Sep 6th at 01:47pm (11 years ago)
Dbosch says:

I dont really understand how do I install this. I have Windows blinds,
what is this ? some sort theme of package or what.
can you helpme out here please.

Sat, Jun 2nd at 06:51am (10 years ago)
shuvel says:

it's not windowblinds, but if you have skinstudio installed it will import the visual style to your computer. then go to properties.click on appearance tab and you should be able to find it.

Wed, Jun 13th at 04:58pm (10 years ago)

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Created by whistl3r
on July 16th, 2004


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