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Artist's Note

sticboy presents : Untitled Visualstyle

:: 3 taskbar variations

oraganic 4 ( black corner-cut taskbuttons w/ organic startbutton )
flatblack ( black taskbuttons w/ flat black startbutton )
personal ( my own mods to the vs to work better with my setup )

:: shellstyle

special shouts to Whistl3r for composing the shellstyle.dll for this theme.

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Comments (32)


Pretty plain to look at. Not bad to use. Looks nice with that wallpaper or similar styled walls.

Mon, Jul 12th at 06:13am (13 years ago)
timbot says:

brilliant work once again sticboy!

Sun, Jul 11th at 04:11pm (13 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Awesome, one of the most perfect minimal black and white VSes I've been looking for. It's more minimal then most I've seen.

Sun, Jul 11th at 04:14pm (13 years ago)
Atomizer says:


Sun, Jul 11th at 04:52pm (13 years ago)


Sun, Jul 11th at 05:10pm (13 years ago)
1nfinite says:


Sun, Jul 11th at 06:00pm (13 years ago)
grayhouse says:

Man, that is hot and so frigin simple. I'm just ga ga over that start button on the personal color scheme. Ouststanding work sticboy, and whistl3r too :)

Sun, Jul 11th at 06:01pm (13 years ago)
R I P says:

great work guys, best vs i seen in donkeys ears.

Sun, Jul 11th at 06:06pm (13 years ago)
freeb0rn says:

It's not too bad, but its not amazing either. Of course this is my own opinion and obviously many disagree.
I find it a bit too monotonous, and along the lines of many of the other "trendy" VS styles out there at the moment (or released in the past few months for that matter).

Sun, Jul 11th at 06:36pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

again ..awesome as usual. and how about the the hybrid series, whats the word on those ?

Sun, Jul 11th at 07:18pm (13 years ago)

im not too sure what the big deal is over a vs that is a plain flat black bar with no buttons. meh, just not my style i guess.

Sun, Jul 11th at 07:25pm (13 years ago)

i get it.

Sun, Jul 11th at 08:42pm (13 years ago)

looks allot like the axis series Imrik or hey love did quite some time ago...itt looks cool ,what i don't like about it is the font and the greyer parts when you have a menu open ,looks korney..like i said verry cool VS ,you lose some points on originality do since its done lots of times before

Sun, Jul 11th at 08:59pm (13 years ago)

yeah, real simple, nothing to it at all. i really expected somthing better out of this one. it feels like the pre stages of a VS before any major detail is done too it. It also looks like the caption bar is a pixel or two smaller than the edges. ::update:: i do like the taskbar and scroll bars alot though, i just think a better caption bar would complete this

Sun, Jul 11th at 09:00pm (13 years ago)
jsuh says:

Very nicee, I just wish it had more colors but then again, it wouldn't match your wall :P Good work though mang!

Sun, Jul 11th at 09:09pm (13 years ago)
Txiasaeia says:


Sun, Jul 11th at 11:13pm (13 years ago)
fokus says:

Aaaaw shit stic your kidding me? I've been waiting for that vs forever :(

Mon, Jul 12th at 02:08am (13 years ago)
sticboy says:

i wasnt expecting a huge number of people to like a theme like this.. because honestly it was a theme put together by me, for me... enough people took interest in it so i posted it. perfect for me, different for others ;p ... i use the original startmenu instead of the windowsxp one.... as for the hybrid series that got squashed due to me getting a new computer and totally starting from scratch :)

Mon, Jul 12th at 03:35am (13 years ago)
doolaik says:

i love u

Mon, Jul 12th at 03:52am (13 years ago)
DoorinD says:

not really feelin it... i tried it out for a bit and really can't say it's bad, but i can't say it's very original or outstanding. goes well with organic4, if you really want a completely monochrome desktop. btw, it's not really necessary to include every organic wallpaper in the zip - makes it a muuuuch bigger download than it needs to be. you can make a suite out of them thru custo.

Mon, Jul 12th at 03:54am (13 years ago)
jujube says:

This starts to feel a bit deja vu, most of us here believe you can break new ground, but you didn't show us this time.

Mon, Jul 12th at 06:02am (13 years ago)

yes please

Mon, Jul 12th at 07:35am (13 years ago)
Hitoukiri says:

aaahhhh it has arrived

Mon, Jul 12th at 10:07am (13 years ago)
frederoil says:

i love it, am using it now, stic-stic.

Mon, Jul 12th at 06:42pm (13 years ago)
mockba says:

I adore you.

Tue, Jul 13th at 11:51pm (13 years ago)
nx says:

looks simple but very pretty.

Thu, Jul 15th at 08:28am (13 years ago)

the best minimal visual style i've seen in awhile =D nice work

Mon, Jul 19th at 08:49am (13 years ago)
pojo says:

very nice, I love it, simple but still user friendly. great work.

Wed, Jul 21st at 06:02am (13 years ago)
DavUlb says:

looks very nice - great work :D

Tue, Oct 19th at 03:34am (13 years ago)
xLakx says:

how about sharing the modded winamp :x

Sat, May 14th at 05:50pm (12 years ago)
Breakerr says:

__Great minimalistic work, just how I like it *claps* still waiting for your INTERNATIONAL KONCEPT :p cheers for the effort *thumbsup*

Mon, Jun 5th at 10:54am (11 years ago)
delija says:

nice piece of work..like it a lot.. now u totaly own my desktop :D

Sun, Oct 8th at 08:29am (11 years ago)

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Created by sticboy
on July 11th, 2004


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