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Artist's Note

This is my first submission here and this is what I believe to be my most conceptual work to date, but I'll let you be the judges.

Be sure to see the readme regarding the startpanel. This is crucial. Also be sure to install the included fonts before installing the style.

A big thanks to heylove for her support during this entire ordeal.

Many thanks and enjoy.

Comments (26)


minimal whiteness with graphical touches that sooth the eye.. i like the subtle contrasts and the stylish glyphs.

Sun, Jun 20th at 05:00pm (13 years ago)
jujube says:

This is a great improvement over your previous two releases which are excellent in their own right. This one is much cleaner and tighter arranged. Your re-working of the 70's-80's abstract styles is very pleasing. The font may still be readable but it is bit on the very tiny side of the scale.

Sat, Jun 19th at 11:59pm (13 years ago)
porkachu says:

i'm a big fan of your style. this is excellent work.

Sun, Jun 20th at 12:08am (13 years ago)
grayhouse says:

Thank you everyone for all your kind words. I was more than a little worried that this concept wouldn't fly to well, but you have all proven me wrong. I'm still a little shocked that it got featured; a big thanx to you, mojomonkee for seeing it fit :)

Sun, Jun 20th at 01:58am (13 years ago)
fokus says:

Imrik, stop the whining.
And grayhouse, please do a winamp for this

Sun, Jun 20th at 03:34am (13 years ago)
whistl3r says:

visual styles start lookin the same...

Sun, Jun 20th at 06:21am (13 years ago)
LTD says:

A clean, beautiful style. Nice work on the shellstyle.

Sun, Jun 20th at 07:01am (13 years ago)
MommyDoo says:

grayhouse, this is beautiful, keep it up :)

Sun, Jun 20th at 07:17am (13 years ago)

right up my..... alley!

Sun, Jun 20th at 09:57am (13 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Good effort. I dig how the buttons work - very innovative with the colored frames on the down state. I don't know if I'm too keen on the captionbar buttons, but the overall layout of the VS is eloquent. One last gripe would be the image in the start panel - if you could maybe use the pen tool and smooth that out I think it would look better. Looking forward to more! Do you have a site we can visit?

Sun, Jun 20th at 11:40am (13 years ago)

Damn. That's slick.

Sun, Jun 20th at 02:48pm (13 years ago)
Dokt says:

Not my bag, but it looks cool.

Sun, Jun 20th at 03:08pm (13 years ago)

loved all ur stuff from DA glad to see u join custo wise move u'l fit in well ur work is first class

Sun, Jun 20th at 03:28pm (13 years ago)
Aero says:

extremely nice, great job.

Sun, Jun 20th at 03:44pm (13 years ago)
ere.mite says:

this is awesome, i love your work(s)

Sun, Jun 20th at 06:06pm (13 years ago)
unisol54 says:

looks awesome....visual styles like these make me wanna switch over to xp pro...but i wont be doing that till sp3 :p but well...i do have a dummy xp installation i experiment with...and this theme's gonna make it look beautiful :) thank you for makin such great works of art :)

Sun, Jun 20th at 06:07pm (13 years ago)

Dont normally go for the uber minimal look in VS's's' But this is sweet. The buttons are very nicely thought out. Overall this is a top 10 for me. Oh and I dont have the other Vs's from Imrik as they never appealed to me.

Sun, Jun 20th at 06:27pm (13 years ago)
1nfinite says:

hehe congrats, this is awesome, and will probly be featured in every screenshot for the next 2 weeks

Mon, Jun 21st at 05:37pm (13 years ago)
senex says:

graphically simple and pleasing, I think the shapes could've been more interesting, but maybe that's just me.

Mon, Jun 21st at 07:17pm (13 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Awesome eye soothing goodness.

Mon, Jun 28th at 06:02pm (13 years ago)
psyK says:

Smooth as hell...

Sun, Jul 4th at 12:34pm (13 years ago)
- DioS - says:

Simple // clean // nice //

great job!

Fri, Sep 10th at 07:49am (13 years ago)
form says:

This is exactly what I've been looking for in a visual style. Thank you.

Mon, Dec 13th at 07:39pm (13 years ago)

Very, very, very nice. I love it, and all its matching stuff. Great stuff. =)

Thu, Oct 13th at 02:05pm (12 years ago)

great skin! best i have ever seen. the only problem is that the start menu is messed up. the graphic are not alligned with each other, and i can only see parts of the program names. must be bugs. it would be great if you can combine the start menu of postmod1 with 8270, or create full start menu instead of compact menu. other than that, can't wait for your next update

Fri, Mar 17th at 04:42am (11 years ago)

very classy^^but the fonts are not clear enough ;) other than that...I LOVE IT. thank u

Thu, Apr 13th at 09:34pm (11 years ago)

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Created by grayhouse
on June 19th, 2004


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