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Artist's Note

|ChosenOS 1.1
|by playboy
|Insparation by Swizcore
|Original Design by ChosenOne
|Icons by Rokey
|March 2004

You MUST install the Lucida Grande font for this theme to work properly,
but if you already have it installed then donít worry about it.
If you donít know how to install it, just copy the font and paste into
the fonts folder located inside the windows folder. (i.e. C:/Windows/fonts)

If your using a non-eglish system and the start panel's log of buttons
is cut off use the internation version.

Big thanks goes out to...
Swiz; For the isnparation
ChosenOne; for creating the theme
LazyDesert; for hooking it up
Rokey; for the great icons
bubbabyte; for helping

Rokey; http://rokey.net/

-Legal Stuff-
DO NOT pass this theme as your work
DO NOT use elements of this skin for your own projects
DO NOT publish it without my permission, Swizcore and ChosenOne
You may edit this skin for PERSONAL USE ONLY
Icons are created and owned by Rokey. Not me.

YzDock BG, and YzToolbar skin

-i added the wrong yztoolbar skin
-shell wanst fully finishes cause there was a prob.

Comments (6)


whoa nelly this is a classic. the chosenOS suite is one for the record books in terms of simple style and scalability and this vs is an integral part of that suite. excellent work playboy.

Sun, Jun 20th at 05:09pm (13 years ago)

About time Chosen OS was here.

Sat, Jun 19th at 04:42pm (13 years ago)
massa says:

Damn, I used this so long ago for Windowblinds.. Loved it.. Good times.

Sat, Jun 19th at 06:47pm (13 years ago)
starr00 says:

ok this may be a stupid question but how do you get the toolbar at the bottom of the screencapture. When I load the Style it doesnt appear??

Wed, Aug 11th at 12:05am (13 years ago)

nice one. really nice.

Tue, Jan 17th at 07:52am (11 years ago)
tomos says:

looks like it might be a PowerPro toolbar

Mon, Feb 5th at 01:11pm (10 years ago)

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Created by Playboy Skins
on June 19th, 2004


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