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Artist's Note

Ok I can't wait anymore. I was going to submit this when the winamp was done but i can't wait. The title fits this visual style perfectly. Simple in yet stylish. It includes 6 different colors, and with FrostedFlames massive winamp color pack I'm sure you can find one to match.Temporarily of course, The winamp to match should be done soon. Enjoy! ;) Comments and criticism greatly appreasheated.

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Comments (43)


wow not really a fan of the white styles and subs but this is stunning. Your presentation is displayed very well. Elegance....

Tue, Jan 20th at 11:32pm (13 years ago)
shocks says:

Very sexy style and one sexy theme

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:19pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

ooh oohh..i like it! very nice heylove

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:21pm (13 years ago)
beatme says:

i like this good job :)

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:23pm (13 years ago)
dot_hack says:

FANTASTIC...my fav is the green =D

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:25pm (13 years ago)
carmatec says:

O_O xclellent job .. fits perfectly on my taste of vs

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:32pm (13 years ago)
liquidred says:

wow. just...this makes me want u Mojo: oh i know hahaha

Tue, Jan 20th at 05:48pm (13 years ago)
LTD says:

Hands off! She's mine.
I've got the ring and everything.

A smooth, very usable style - minimalism without being boring.

Tue, Jan 20th at 06:35pm (13 years ago)

Grumble grumble ... I was working on a style almost exactly the same for a suite I was working on :( Oh well no need to do the style xp now... this is too good . Thumbs up.

Tue, Jan 20th at 06:46pm (13 years ago)
felix says:

god i love you :x

Tue, Jan 20th at 06:59pm (13 years ago)
Calcio says:

It almost makes me pay for style xp its that good.

Tue, Jan 20th at 07:26pm (13 years ago)
senex says:

you should've made the bevel shadow lighter than that because the bottom looks like it's 2 pixels thick.

Tue, Jan 20th at 07:29pm (13 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

It's different, but too much white.

Tue, Jan 20th at 08:22pm (13 years ago)
ere.mite says:

beta testing this was fun =D it looks even better now sweetie! you should start a thread here

Tue, Jan 20th at 10:18pm (13 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

no words, perfect.

Tue, Jan 20th at 10:49pm (13 years ago)


Tue, Jan 20th at 11:34pm (13 years ago)
leedogg says:

wow. what a pleasant and wonderful surprise. thank you

Wed, Jan 21st at 12:53am (13 years ago)
BaStar says:

Mm 8)

Wed, Jan 21st at 03:11am (13 years ago)
zorlac says:

i'm really glad you moved away from the all white vs's :-) nice jobe girld ^_^

Wed, Jan 21st at 06:43am (13 years ago)
the worm says:

nice...only thing that stops me from using this is the color right above the taskbar like you did also with the serinity vs. also if i would use it i'd pick the black..then again the bleu and black dont mix in my opinion.

Wed, Jan 21st at 08:42am (13 years ago)

Good, but let me cover what I don't like: harder to install without a .theme and shellstyle. The off-centered system icon in the taskbar is a little off. The taskbar, titlebar and start menu are way too low-profile for me, and hard to read (regardless of the font). I don't like the excessive white (Why not use a lighter shade of the color - I know it's harder, but it would look better). The icons in the start menu are squished unless they're small, which is OK for some but not for me. You've done well and you certainly have your niche in the style world.

Wed, Jan 21st at 08:54am (13 years ago)

Rock, i love this

Wed, Jan 21st at 01:12pm (13 years ago)

must agree with senex, good job otherwise

Wed, Jan 21st at 01:44pm (13 years ago)
FatCat says:

I don't know about this looks alot like alot of other styles including mine, otherwise it was a good idea, too much white though and seems like it was rushed.

Wed, Jan 21st at 03:41pm (13 years ago)
The_Saint says:

Damn Good!

Wed, Jan 21st at 04:46pm (13 years ago)

Girlfriend, this is by far one of the sexiest subs i've seen on this page. Absolutedly red hot, it's anything but simple, it's like a color orgy of some sort, love the lime, my fav!

Wed, Jan 21st at 06:01pm (13 years ago)
L3VI says:

Orgasm of the eyes....

Wed, Jan 21st at 07:35pm (13 years ago)
jujube says:

LALA! OH MY!! Why didn't you release this earlier, so I can ask your permission to transport the look over to the website project I am still struggling to manage. Too late. We have already pay those low tier web developer off already. My favorite of this is that it has 2 count'em 2 (possible) tan/brown color themes. THINGS TO IMPROVE: If you can make the color theme with the orange/bright yellow start panel into an all -brown one, also getting rid of the use of the hooge all-cap font (it's becoming annoying to the eyes now), make use of highlight color for task bar minimized items and startpanel "pinup" items, then it's a prefect 100.

Thu, Jan 22nd at 02:02am (13 years ago)
ekoshyun says:


Thu, Jan 22nd at 03:03am (13 years ago)
heylove says:

thankyou guys. your all awesome!

Thu, Jan 22nd at 06:30pm (13 years ago)
Niq says:

awesome, i love it, but what font is that???

Thu, Jan 22nd at 07:07pm (13 years ago)
winswy says:

why is everything so bloody small?

i have perfect eyesight and i cant read hardly anytihing anywhere.

also like the last style the icons on the compacted side look squished.

i thought i was gonna like it more.

Mon, Jan 26th at 12:07am (13 years ago)

Great idea and great work on it, but I like something busier, but this is definatly well done

Wed, Feb 18th at 06:35pm (13 years ago)
bkdvrawk says:


Sat, Feb 21st at 10:19pm (13 years ago)
prototype says:

superb job again...

Mon, Feb 23rd at 10:22pm (13 years ago)
2JSC says:

I like this one - but there are a few things taht could have been changed, like the status bar, and the start menu, and a few other small things, but other than that great job!

Mon, Apr 26th at 08:53pm (13 years ago)

you know i love this, told you at devart, but this is just awesome!

Fri, Jun 25th at 12:18am (13 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Even know this came out quite a few months ago, this is my favorite VS by Heylove. I did a desktop themed around it. I even made two small skins to match the VS. I've been using the same desktop with out changing any thing for almost a month now. That's a record for me, 10 more days and it's a 31 day month.

Tue, Jul 6th at 01:34am (13 years ago)

baaaam! of course the variations in color make this very versatile. very simple as well, which once again m,akes this very usable. all round good approach and stylish finish.

Fri, Jul 23rd at 04:45pm (13 years ago)
Gilkong says:

nice colors and great design ;) one of my favourite VS

Tue, Aug 3rd at 02:06am (13 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

That's some tastey color combination.

Thu, Aug 11th at 03:49pm (12 years ago)
aasi says:

but how can I install it..? :O

Sat, Feb 25th at 01:43pm (11 years ago)
delicious says:

the font is terrible, but i love it otherwise

Tue, Dec 26th at 07:37pm (10 years ago)

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Created by heylove
on January 20th, 2004


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