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Artist's Note

...::: Bubbabyte Visual Styles :::...

One of a few of my themes that were never
really released to the masses. Alot of
work went into releasing all these themes and
in making them as bugless as humanly possibly,
so i really hope you enjoy them if you haven't
seen or used them before. All Os X ports
have been given permission from the author and
is included in the read me file.
Some of my Visual styles have been ported to other
formats or skins such as winamp or trillian
but by all means if you are a skinner and would like
to port my work to another format or skin, drop
me an email at and i
will grant you permission to release my graphics.
Once again, i hope you enjoy my visual styles.




very cool idea using the dice theme on this, but it needs some color to it in order to have that pop that vaults it into the "great visual style" category.

Sun, Jan 4th at 05:28am (14 years ago)
Evdawg says:

Found a bug (already =P). The buttons for the download box in firebird are cut off halfway down :(. And i think the gloss on the dice (which, by the way are VERY cool) seems a bit off, but overall it's a cool theme. Make more colours.

Sun, Jan 4th at 08:11am (14 years ago)
Tr0jAn_ says:

Same here... not quite ma' style, but I think it's cool.

Sun, Jan 4th at 04:22pm (14 years ago)

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Created by bubbabyte
on January 3rd, 2004


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