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Artist's Note

Pixel art inspired, very optimized style. Minimal but impressive.

Compact and normal start panels for every color scheme.

This style has 20 colors, making total of 40 schemes!

Pro2/Pro+ schemes are redesigned versions with colored taskbar and captions.

3 font modes: big / small username / tahoma 8

Important: Install font included.

Includes 20 colors:
teal blue
deep red
slate gray
sea green
light blue
blue (pro)
cyan (pro)
dark olive (pro)
tan (pro)
charcoal (pro)
dim red (pro+)
dim gree (pro+)
deep orange (pro+)
dark blue (pro+)
mint (pro+)

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Comments (16)


an excellent update to one of the smoothest visual styles out there. great work man.

Mon, Dec 8th at 07:41pm (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

damn smooth.

Mon, Dec 8th at 01:12pm (14 years ago)

smooth damn. can you check 27/40, it's all blacked out on mine

Mon, Dec 8th at 01:45pm (14 years ago)
Evdawg says:

very nice :) This is one of my favourites just because of the fact that there are so many colours to chose from, thanks and great job!

Mon, Dec 8th at 02:22pm (14 years ago)
sz1 says:

Scheme 27/40 is now fixed (not uploaded here, check my site). Thanks.
-- For less lines, try pro+.

Mon, Dec 8th at 03:37pm (14 years ago)
The_Saint says:

Smooth and clean. nice job

Mon, Dec 8th at 03:47pm (14 years ago)
Aero says:

wow, great job..this is going to get used a lot.

Mon, Dec 8th at 05:32pm (14 years ago)
fpearson says:

First one was EXCEPTIONAL. I'm still using it. This one is not as great, but still good. I think an improvement on the original would include removing the lines, not adding more.

Mon, Dec 8th at 07:31pm (14 years ago)
dmonix says:

This looks fantastic, some dark stuff I can look at :)

Mon, Dec 8th at 10:11pm (14 years ago)

very pretty thing

Mon, Dec 8th at 10:36pm (14 years ago)
NitroOne says:

This is very cool SHIT this iz really to pretty to Cī U wanna touch it!!!! ;))

Tue, Dec 9th at 01:47am (14 years ago)
felix says:

wow. lookin great, love the blue theme.. im gunna give this a test drive right now :D

Tue, Dec 9th at 03:14pm (14 years ago)

...the buttons don't match the title bar....axvance4[xp] was tenfold better.......the colours are niice though.....

Wed, Dec 10th at 06:04am (14 years ago)
Marcum says:

Woulden't live without it, Actually goes great with my SmartBarXP since my favorite skin for it, just happens to perfectly match this skin... interesting :D

Now if only MSN 6.1 would get a skin that matched....

Thu, Dec 11th at 10:17pm (14 years ago)
Tr0jAn_ says:

I love this skin.. the even SMALLER start menu is really nice. Keep comin' out with newer versions.

Sat, Dec 20th at 06:31pm (14 years ago)
vdvalmont says:

awesome. style at its best.

Sun, Mar 7th at 01:29pm (13 years ago)

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Created by sz1
on December 8th, 2003


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