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ultra grey theme i have nothing to say
about it .every thing is discriptive.
the alignment made is to help u see
all parts clearly. post ur comments fo further improvements.

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This is a not so bad attempt at creating a visual style, I've been there and I know the frustration of working with stylebuilder. Being totally honest with you, this needs a complete workover because the whole idea of creating a style is to get away from the normal windows default look. All this example does is to give it a new color. Try to work with stylebuilder a bit and be more creative in changing the look of the normal windows

Wed, Dec 3rd at 07:47pm (14 years ago)
Dextro says:

try theming ALL parts of the style before you release it, and try to come up with some original designs, not just recoloring the XP Silver theme. +50 for effort.

Wed, Dec 3rd at 01:29pm (14 years ago)
FatCat says:

Visual Styles are supposed to make your PC look better. Sorry

Wed, Dec 3rd at 04:19pm (14 years ago)
neo_ says:

arrogant cat. go on

Wed, Dec 3rd at 04:35pm (14 years ago)
Evdawg says:

its not that bad, i have seen worse, keep tryin' and you'll eventually get there :)

Wed, Dec 3rd at 06:06pm (14 years ago)
Hitoukiri says:

i wont lie and tell you this is good but dont let the comments get you down take it as a learning experience and take the comments into mind when making your next theme

Wed, Dec 3rd at 07:57pm (14 years ago)
RaCeR says:

good improvement from your last one

Thu, Dec 4th at 06:52am (14 years ago)

How bout ultra gay that fits more.

Sat, May 1st at 12:14am (13 years ago)

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Created by Arun
on December 3rd, 2003


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