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Artist's Note

This is a "Brushed metal Window" style.
Also included are hobix's BW Yz backgrounds.

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Comments (45)


Aluminum goodness. And awesome VS.

Wed, Nov 12th at 12:08am (14 years ago)
Ronek says:

Nice one - i think I'm gonna test it right now.
Probably a little bit boring, but still a good try!

Tue, Nov 11th at 09:30am (14 years ago)
the worm says:

i downloaded this one agood while back ..and for a long time this was my favorite one!!!it still is the BEST metal brushed i ever got my hands on...fantastic VS

Tue, Nov 11th at 10:08am (14 years ago)
elyrly says:

nice work great job

Tue, Nov 11th at 01:43pm (14 years ago)
Evdawg says:

this is a killer theme

Tue, Nov 11th at 03:06pm (14 years ago)
Dokt says:

Wow - really metally. Nice job.

Tue, Nov 11th at 03:24pm (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

not too shabby

Tue, Nov 11th at 05:31pm (14 years ago)

nice, very nice

btw what icons are those?

Tue, Nov 11th at 08:22pm (14 years ago)

Ahh I hate rounded tops. Good work!

Wed, Nov 12th at 09:18am (14 years ago)

I have tried more than 15 similiar themes. this one is the best I have seen. Excellent Work.

Thu, Dec 18th at 11:43pm (14 years ago)
Ni_x says:

best brushed theme ever
no doubt
hobix: you rules

Fri, Dec 26th at 11:21pm (14 years ago)

yea . i like the wallpaper . can't find it though

Wed, Mar 10th at 02:06am (13 years ago)

totaly nice there.... but what about the icons and so on the tasksbar..????

Tue, Mar 16th at 05:13am (13 years ago)
Alkoholik says:

has anyone gotten these icons yet? Im still looking.. managed to find the recycle bin but thats all. YO EMAIL ME THEM

Thanks :)

Thu, Mar 18th at 09:47am (13 years ago)
septor says:

The icons:

Fri, Apr 16th at 01:08pm (13 years ago)

Very nice overall, but a few gripes: one - the icons are kinda ugly; two - if you're going to use rounded edges, use them on all four corners, or don't use them. As the preview pic shows clearly, having the rounded corners just on top just looks awkward when you have the taskbar up top. Otherwise, nice job.

Wed, Apr 21st at 12:03pm (13 years ago)
tmibi520 says:


Thu, May 13th at 12:45am (13 years ago)

The best skin ever! One quick question though, how do u get those icons for the exploer shell, eg. the Up, back, foward, delete, copy....etc. They look so cool!

Thu, Jun 3rd at 06:14am (13 years ago)
dar_win says:

i liked the look so i downloaded. I loaded it on Style XP I think i have version 2.0... and the bar wouldnt show up. The skin works fine though. How do I make the bar apear?

Fri, Jun 11th at 09:21pm (13 years ago)

awesome theme but the wall paper isnt included in the zip. Anyone know where i can find it?

Sun, Jun 13th at 02:28pm (13 years ago)
NumbNutz says:

Freaking incredible... Awesome!!!

Sat, Jul 31st at 03:57am (13 years ago)

is it available in english? or just in chinese

Wed, Sep 22nd at 10:01am (13 years ago)
razail says:

i love the icons ^_^

Mon, Oct 4th at 10:40am (13 years ago)
Rufflez says:

Here is a picture that i made with the problem i have with this skin

Sat, Oct 16th at 10:54am (13 years ago)

by the way NicoTheOwnager its in japanese (not chinese) and it takes on the same language as your version of xp (this was the jap version obviously)
neways i love the theme, not too boring and not anaemic either - good work

Thu, Dec 16th at 06:31am (13 years ago)
modtang says:

Nice theme. BTW, the link to the icons has changed.

They're called 'ChaNinja Style (SubZero) Icons'. Anyone know what the wallpaper is called yet?

Sun, Jan 16th at 01:46am (13 years ago)

I really reeallly hated stock WinXP, so ugly. This is THE best skin I have found!

Couple questions though:

1. Is there a way to change the text alignment in windows to move to the left side like normal XP?

2. (Most important) Modtang, thanks for the icons link, but where do I find those awesome EXPLORER SHELL BUTTONS, for back, forward, refresh, home, print, ect., from the My Computer window?????

Thu, Feb 3rd at 12:33am (12 years ago)
rOx4ever says:

fuc*ing cool, but dont has the wallpaper... if u put the wallpaper in the file, will stay EXELENT...

Mon, Feb 14th at 04:19pm (12 years ago)

Cool theme, um, how do you get all those cool icons and the background?

Fri, Feb 18th at 04:03pm (12 years ago)

i think the windows should be brushed, but the taskbar, etc dhould be a more aqua style... but thas just me...

Fri, Jun 24th at 07:03am (12 years ago)

Theme is SUPERB! Just da best!!!
But i think following tollbar themes look better with this skin: "Brushed" "Simple Aqua"

Fri, Sep 2nd at 06:29am (12 years ago)

By FAR the best theme on this website. Very clean!!

Thu, Oct 20th at 09:30pm (12 years ago)
hirez says:

Awesome!! I have got a LOT of themes, through many years. This is by far the slickest so far. Its somehow just right. The buttons etc are well spaced.
Just ONE complaint, There should be an option to have a blue or colored scroll bar, and button that is colored. Just a simple blue or something to break the beautiful transient setting this theme creates.

I think its easy to do, but I can't, please feel free to help out :)

Sun, Oct 30th at 04:38am (12 years ago)

How can I installe this style? Please help!!

Mon, Oct 31st at 10:48am (12 years ago)
augoeides says:

pretty good, really. there is a small glitch when you "save as.." a text file: you can notice a white, unexpected shadow behind 1 or 2 icons. Not too much to be worried about, though. Good work!

Sat, Nov 5th at 04:28pm (12 years ago)

LOVELY skin .. I fel in love as soon as I saw it applied to my desktop .. I think I'll keep it this way for quite some time =D

Mon, Apr 17th at 09:26pm (11 years ago)

Simply amazing...I love this theme. I have just one problem - does anyone know how to get that little bar on the bottom of the screen?

Mon, May 8th at 11:17pm (11 years ago)
Leucer says:

This works great with the theme i have on fire fox

Fri, Sep 29th at 11:24am (11 years ago)
kakalem says:

hey nice theme but couldn't work out how to create the bottom part can anybody help

Mon, Oct 16th at 10:17pm (11 years ago)
gorf says:

Skin looks simply amazing, but it has a glitch that spoils everything: task bar in autohide mode does not open with cursor time to time. Other skins dont have this problem. Is it possible to solve it somehow?

Wed, Jan 3rd at 02:34am (11 years ago)
JPayne10 says:

How do i download this???????????

Wed, Jan 10th at 07:49pm (11 years ago)
bally1971 says:

it is awesome, but after relentless searching on the internet, there is no way i can get the toolbar on top. it comes through in explorer mode. I'm taking this has something to do with the shell, which is included. If this is the problem can anyone tell me (and the others) how to activate the shell, windows doesn't seem to able to locate it even after i put it in the resources/themes directory. pleeeese. thanks in advance.

Thu, Jun 28th at 11:43am (10 years ago)
drooval says:

This is by far my favorite theme - I can't believe I'm the only person who marked that I 'love it'! So many other themes are overly bubbly and clunky, while this one is very compact and doesn't waste space, and so it's extremely usable. The textures are perfect, and the rounded tops and cornered bottoms of windows is great. The ONLY thing that keeps this theme from being 100% perfect is the strange roundness of the taskbar when you put it on the top of your screen - but I always keep it on bottom, so no problem.

Sat, Jul 7th at 11:42pm (10 years ago)

My Fav

Mon, Jan 26th at 11:33am (8 years ago)

Nice theme, but I've got some really annoying problems with some buttons in IE8, where there is no text in them.

Sun, Apr 25th at 01:15pm (7 years ago)

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Created by hobix
on November 11th, 2003


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