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Artist's Note

-- UPDATE 23/Oct/2003 --

1. grey and green versions included..
2. you can choose "Extra Large Fonts" and it will be mostly a verdana font.

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------

-- UPDATE 22/Oct/2003 --

blue version included..

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------

a port of one of litestepīs best themes ever... non|step!

itīs still beta.. let me know if you find any bugs..

with kind permission from ursula!!

1. Install included fonts in zip file...
2. If u donīt like the font, try the " Large Fonts" options in the appearance tab.

Comments (16)


A nice port indeed. Color scheme gives more usability for people. Nicely done.

Thu, Oct 23rd at 07:02pm (14 years ago)
Aero says:

wow..nice translation into a vs, good job!

Thu, Oct 23rd at 01:34pm (14 years ago)
co1e says:

good job, i loved the LS theme, i just wish i was using XP so i could try this out for real... nice sub man.

Thu, Oct 23rd at 02:16pm (14 years ago)

awesome work, makes me think of the Geek suite

Thu, Oct 23rd at 02:49pm (14 years ago)
cause says:


Thu, Oct 23rd at 04:05pm (14 years ago)
wreth says:

this theme has style! i found the winamp skin on the winamp.com site.

Fri, Oct 24th at 03:12am (14 years ago)
jromo says:

u can find a blue winamp skin here...

i also wanted to thank Max for making this a Featured skin!

there is no miranda skin, just some icons that u can find here:

Fri, Oct 24th at 12:25pm (14 years ago)
chip1270 says:

yes, thank you for making this, i was digging the style, but the orange was killing me.

Fri, Oct 24th at 02:02pm (14 years ago)

The green is very cool.

Fri, Oct 24th at 02:37pm (14 years ago)
Aphaits says:

hmmm, I tried it and I don't like it that much... maybe it's just me.

Sat, Oct 25th at 12:48pm (14 years ago)
SHODAN says:

Love it! where can I find the skin for Miranda-IM?

Wed, Oct 29th at 08:09am (14 years ago)
Ronek says:

Same thing as Aphaits here...

Mon, Nov 3rd at 10:08am (14 years ago)
psynapse says:

oh man, that boxy style hurts my brain. it's unique and all, and a very solid style, but usability wise i have to say .. no :(

Sun, Nov 16th at 11:25pm (14 years ago)
barrowaj says:

This will be my theme for a while. I love it. However, I DON'T like the little application icon in the upper left corner of the windowbar. Is there any way to remove this?

Mon, Nov 17th at 12:10am (14 years ago)

Oh my god, this is by far the sexiest theme I have ever seen. Must... install... stylexp...

Wed, Jan 21st at 01:21pm (14 years ago)
exzor says:

hmm it wont work for me....

Sat, Feb 21st at 04:47pm (13 years ago)

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Created by jromo
on October 23rd, 2003


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