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Artist's Note

AquaGlass contains elements based on the aqua style, mixed with a glassy look, decidedly 3D.
4 colorations available, restful for the eyes:
- White Pearl (NEW!)
- Blue Lite
- Blue Dark
- Green Bottle

User icon and wallaper by clicker, included.

Hill_valley wallaper copyright by Clicker ().
Published under permission.

Comments (9)


Its ok, but the XP Luna look is dying, and quickly, and it still looks too much like XP Luna.

Fri, Oct 3rd at 03:09am (14 years ago)

hhmm, with a little modding this will be a pretty cool VS....*downloads*

Thu, Oct 2nd at 05:24pm (14 years ago)
cyklode says:

clean but i feel it is lacking something

Thu, Oct 2nd at 06:05pm (14 years ago)
zax0r says:

looks like luna to me

Thu, Oct 2nd at 09:13pm (14 years ago)
Xyphur says:

I'm with zax on this one. Luna sucks my left teste.

Fri, Oct 3rd at 01:26am (14 years ago)
fpearson says:


Sat, Oct 4th at 12:55am (14 years ago)
results says:

This would have been awesome in late 1999.

Wed, Oct 8th at 09:44pm (14 years ago)

nothing technically wrong with it, but i've seen 10,000 StyleXP visstyles just like it. try for something that doesn't look like a recolor of luna, next time

Fri, Oct 24th at 10:39pm (14 years ago)
jw62 says:

I've looked at every VS on here. I am amazed at how many are so difficult to read because their skins have next to no contrast to the font, with title bar icons so small they are almost non-existant, yet recieve praises of unbound glory. Seems everyone is in competition to make the most compact and least readable VS. Just how white can your skin be? Just how invisible can your fonts be? How about just having blank windows with nothing at all in them? Whats the matter with you people???????? Now this AquaGlass VS is very nice. Easy to read. Don't have to fish with mouse to find the right icon. Is a nice shade of blue and very relaxing. The wallpaper can be dropped tho in favor of some kind of gradient for an attractive desktop.

Thu, Aug 24th at 11:50am (11 years ago)

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Created by Cavador
on October 2nd, 2003


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