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Artist's Note

- include 3 color themes: blue, green, and orange.
- shellstyle included.

This theme is based on KoL's Shinobi theme. Thankz KoL for the permission.

just reupload. fixed the tile problem with taskbar when it's placed at bottom

Comments (42)


rkenshin: Didn't I just rate this? A great dark black skin theme. Its hard to find these.

Fri, Apr 2nd at 04:17am (13 years ago)
ere.mite says:

pretty damn sexy. good black/dark themes are very hard to come by. always loved shinobi and this is even better.

Fri, Sep 5th at 11:36pm (14 years ago)

sweeeeet. Imrik will flip =) BTW is there any way, just in case you do another version, to have the black theme but with silver/grey buttons & highlights. the gold doesn't do it for me.

Fri, Sep 5th at 11:53pm (14 years ago)
leedogg says:

omg I LOVE the colored border buttons!

things i'm not so fond of:
the uber large start menu =(

Sat, Sep 6th at 12:05am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

oh fu*k you man! this rocks... to be honest from the little pic i thought it was just gonna be a regular aqua style black theme... but when i took a closer look the carbon fiber jumped up at me.. good stuff.

Sat, Sep 6th at 12:55am (14 years ago)
RaCeR says:

i agree with all above. i love it. by the way where can i get those walls?

Sat, Sep 6th at 01:17am (14 years ago)
Voodoo411 says:

u can get those wall at

Sat, Sep 6th at 02:49am (14 years ago)

real fuckin nice

Sat, Sep 6th at 11:38am (14 years ago)
fpearson says:

Good, but slow. I knew there was a reason I upgraded to a faster computer!

Sat, Sep 6th at 12:09pm (14 years ago)
temp says:

It's sick, i'm using it currently my only real problems are it's a tiny bit clunky

Fri, Sep 19th at 08:13pm (14 years ago)
nothin9 says:

Hi, i'm new here. love this theme... is really nice
just 1 silly question.. how u get those large icons at the bottom?

Wed, Sep 24th at 01:30pm (14 years ago)
Kyrone says:

I like this. This is a good, dark skin. Hard to find these.

Fri, Sep 26th at 07:40pm (14 years ago)
Purewilk says:

really nice, but how did you get the poweroff box to look like it does and where did u ge tthe thing fo rthe list on the bottom of programs.

Wed, Oct 22nd at 10:06pm (14 years ago)
hironatsu says:

Very Nice!!!!!!!!!

Sun, Nov 2nd at 10:55pm (14 years ago)
harper says:

G-d damn! This is one fine style

Tue, Dec 16th at 11:49pm (14 years ago)
TonyM21 says:

This is a great skin but how to do get that task bar at the bottom???

Sun, Dec 21st at 09:48am (14 years ago)

This is ONE of the Best Styles I ever seen, Very good job

Tue, Dec 23rd at 08:58pm (14 years ago)

Nearly perfect, in fact, the only bit that ruined your 100 was the rather rusty orange you chose for the "Fire" sub-style. Would have been better with something a half-dozen or so shades closer to true red, but otherwise very well made. Kudos!

Thu, Jan 15th at 09:38pm (14 years ago)

I LOVE this skin, but when you move the taskbar to the right side of the screen (as I like to), the top 2 lines of the quicklaunch are hidden behind the start button. I love black. This was the best one I could find. =)

Thu, Jan 29th at 06:02pm (13 years ago)
Orion241 says:

Great dark style. It's so hard to find a dark theme that stands out above the rest. Great work just what I was looking for!

Fri, Mar 19th at 02:06pm (13 years ago)
Chriszuma says:

This kicks ASS!

Fri, Mar 26th at 07:54am (13 years ago)
detron23 says:

when will there be an update with the fix that the toolbar is on the Right or left the quickmenu icons are hidden behind the Startbutton. hopfully this will be fixed soon.

Mon, May 24th at 03:40pm (13 years ago)

i love this skin, it fits perfect especially after i edited it to be silver instead of the red, green, or blue.

Sat, Jul 10th at 08:46pm (13 years ago)
Delschide says:

Great work! Favorite style!

Wed, Jul 14th at 07:40pm (13 years ago)

anyone know where i can get the software for the toolbar at the bottom?! i been searching forever for it :-\

Wed, Sep 22nd at 05:42pm (13 years ago)

Pretty!! Cool!!

Sun, Oct 3rd at 11:36am (13 years ago)
moofius says:

I want also to know where you have got the toolbar at the bottom and how you did to take the toolbar with the blue button up there.

Wed, Feb 2nd at 08:30am (12 years ago)
pimpzilla says:

This is a great skin...Use objectdock to get the toolbars at the bottom

Wed, Apr 6th at 05:41pm (12 years ago)
Yazim says:

Great Skin!! I only want to know where to find the wallpaper. I know it's MacNux but can't find it anywere. Thanx.

Sun, Apr 10th at 06:00pm (12 years ago)
garabed says:

almost perfect.

Thu, Apr 14th at 05:14pm (12 years ago)
johngalt says:

I agree with garabed, as well as the staff. It really *is* hard to find a *good* dark style, but this one works, especially when tweaked.

this is how my DT looks using this VS and my personal tweaks (first VS I have ever used, and I Beta tested XP before it came out):

Only a couple of snags, some apps override the VS with their own fonts / attributes / colors and that gets to be a PITA, so I fiddled around and found that this baby blue I picked, 147/2006/255 RGB, or #93ceff HEX, works well regardless of light or dark colors for BGs, though it is a *lot* better on dark BGs.


Fri, May 20th at 09:02pm (12 years ago)
HeLGeNX says:

One of the best black themes of all time.... actually, I don't know what compares.

Sat, Sep 3rd at 12:32pm (12 years ago)

Yeah, way to go black! Imho, this is the "tha best" style i've had on my computer, and I have StyleXP since v1.0 ;) Start button rocks. Some refurbishments to the start menu would be nice.

Wed, May 24th at 12:10pm (11 years ago)
shsl88 says:

for everyone who wants the taskbar at the bottom just look up objectdock

really nice theme

Tue, Jun 27th at 01:06am (11 years ago)

I know it looks great but how do u use it i already downloaded it so how can u get it to your theme on you computer i have windows XP can anyone help me?

Tue, Jul 4th at 11:05am (11 years ago)
Lee_777 says:

Wow. This really is awesome.
Thank you for sharing it.

Mon, Nov 20th at 02:20am (11 years ago)
Punhal says:

Masterpiece of a skin. Definately going to be used.

Sat, May 5th at 11:29am (10 years ago)

awesome man

Sun, Dec 14th at 11:48am (9 years ago)
Fozzygf says:

how do u implement the toolbar at bottom but love it man great work

Tue, Apr 7th at 07:26pm (8 years ago)
arobar says:

Trurly awesome!

Mon, Aug 17th at 07:04am (8 years ago)

Thumbs Up!!

Mon, Jul 26th at 04:47am (7 years ago)

i downloaded this and am having trouble. i just started a group about it. all i have are the windows and buttons options, along with the three colors. other than that i dont have icons or anything. any help would be nice.

Tue, Jan 1st at 12:55am (5 years ago)

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Created by Voodoo411
on September 5th, 2003


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