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Artist's Note

Just realized I never posted it on customize, here it be.

3 schemes

Construct, Lush , and seaside

Make sure to install the font.

Comments (10)


This is a great visual style. Any XP user should get this.

Fri, Sep 5th at 06:07am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

a very solid VS, colours are calm and smooth. cant say anything bad about it.

Thu, Sep 4th at 11:02pm (14 years ago)
massacre says:

This is fantastic.. I'll be using it for a good while now :) Two people around my cubicle have already asked me what style this is.

Fri, Sep 5th at 04:52am (14 years ago)


Fri, Sep 5th at 12:28pm (14 years ago)

FLAIR AND STYLE ! No less could be expected of a great artiste. I love your works, F.C.

Wed, Sep 17th at 08:42pm (14 years ago)
psynapse says:

not bad, not bad at all. could do with some colour schemes though :)

Mon, Nov 17th at 01:27am (14 years ago)
polyWog says:

Ooooh, this theme makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside *heart* I am totally in love with all the cuteness it has. Great job!!

Mon, Apr 5th at 11:50pm (13 years ago)

Great Theme, Just one question. How do you get the Icon labels to go on the right of the icon instead of underneath?

Sun, Mar 6th at 10:30pm (12 years ago)
Lee_777 says:

I have to say, I normally hate these type of VS's with a passion. They are getting way too common, 99% are too washed out and with those 'all caps' throughout. All in all, they're not easy on the eyes.
Oh but this one....oh boy, incredibly nice!! It's soft but at the same time, it's clear and stands out. Very easy on the eyes. I just love it!
Great job. Thanks for sharing!! :-)

Sun, Nov 19th at 12:40am (11 years ago)
jw62 says:

I'm also not a big fan of tiny styles. But I have to say this one is by far the best of the lot. Need to maximize your screen realestate? Use this one.

Mon, May 21st at 09:53pm (10 years ago)

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Created by FatCat
on September 4th, 2003


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