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Heres my port of Gorilla, original theme made by jimmac ( )

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rkenshin: KoL always has permission. =) Another wonderful theme from a veteran StyleXP skinner. Awesome job, can't wait until its finished with a shellstyle and stuff.

Fri, Apr 2nd at 04:18am (13 years ago)
darksheer says:

I assume you had permission on this one KoL?

Sun, Mar 23rd at 11:38am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

um i'm not liking how the x,min,max buttons go over the lines. but oh well

Sun, Mar 23rd at 11:41am (14 years ago)
bluecube says:

me neither shocks

Sun, Mar 23rd at 12:03pm (14 years ago)
MooseSkin says:

I thought that was a good thing, another nice clean and functional skin, you may have only ported it but your choices and convertions are great!

Sun, Mar 23rd at 12:03pm (14 years ago)

gravy train. just finished converting all the gorilla icons too.

Sun, Mar 23rd at 12:45pm (14 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

Feeling the colors.. can i get that wall link? email me at if you can thanks ;D

Sun, Mar 23rd at 02:31pm (14 years ago)

sweet jeebus KoL did it [email protected]

Sun, Mar 23rd at 04:24pm (14 years ago)


Sun, Mar 23rd at 05:37pm (14 years ago)

I love the colors, the buttons are nice, but I think it'd look better if you made the buttons a little smaller and moved them up so the whole thing fit on the bar.

Sun, Mar 23rd at 09:05pm (14 years ago)
KoL says:

@darksheer: yeah I have permission. go to hardwaregeeks and read the Nautilus Gorilla Port development thread.

Mon, Mar 24th at 01:07pm (14 years ago)
jswang says:

Its nice i love it! where can i get the icons? e-mail me at thx. :D

Mon, Mar 24th at 07:54pm (14 years ago)

yeah, the icons are nice, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! very nice, and don't listen to bluecube...

Tue, Mar 25th at 09:06am (14 years ago)
SMIG says:

Now THIS I like. It screams originality.

Tue, Mar 25th at 10:36pm (14 years ago)
PigDog says:

Looks very nice, but u should make the ICONS available for download too.

Mon, Apr 7th at 09:35am (14 years ago)
-BreaL- says:

COOL, wery good worked out..

Sat, May 10th at 04:30pm (14 years ago)
Cretino says:

This like, very nice port

Wed, Jan 7th at 06:24am (13 years ago)
CAMP__84 says:

were are the icons, where i con find them! please help!

Sun, Jan 25th at 02:32pm (13 years ago)
Afro88 says:

Excellent theme!

I'm looking for the icons too. And also, how did you get the start bar to the top of the screen with rounded edges at the top?

afro88 at myrealbox.com - thanks :)

Sun, Oct 31st at 04:59pm (13 years ago)
synorgy says:

if anyone needs the icons - I ported them to icon packager.

Look at my deviantart - synorgy.deviantart.com

Tue, Jul 17th at 03:32pm (10 years ago)

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Created by KoL
on March 23rd, 2003


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