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Artist's Note

Original OSX Theme by Izawa

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The quality keeps coming! always something pleasant to look at with usability and function as a main priority.

Sun, Feb 2nd at 01:45pm (14 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

Are you even gonna update this theme? MakkiX is up to 2.3 here> It looks alot different than this version.

Thu, May 8th at 06:04pm (14 years ago)
MattyC says:

Great theme! I really like the yellow, quite original. Not many decent colored themes around. However you kinda ruined it with the apple for the start menu. Ugh Im so tired of every skin I get trying to be all Apple-ish. If I wanted a Mac, I'd buy one. But that little oddity aside this is a very well done them. Ive actually been using it on my laptop for some time now. Nice job!

Fri, May 14th at 02:39pm (13 years ago)
wooper says:

This theme still looks very sexy to me even though it was added more than a year ago. Hope that the author is still listening to this channel...

I am attracted to the MakkiX (Yellow) theme but when used in reality, it's too much yellow. Is it possible to have a colorful title bar only but the rest in pale colors?

Mon, Jul 12th at 11:53am (13 years ago)
Nigatsu says:

Zarabista praca !!!!!

Tue, Aug 31st at 10:07am (13 years ago)
jimmi says:

MakkiX and MaggraX v2 is a goog skin but i need how i can use it thanks

Sun, Sep 25th at 04:45pm (12 years ago)

how can i upload it to the computer?

Tue, Nov 22nd at 05:18am (11 years ago)
amokoura says:

Very usable compared to all those too white/minimal/colorful styles.

Mac'ish but not too much ;)

Mon, May 15th at 03:05pm (11 years ago)

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Created by KoL
on February 1st, 2003


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