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Artist's Note

I made some updates and thin taskbar to this port
Original Theme OSX by Wil Voss
Ported by KoL

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soothing colors and terrific design

Sun, Feb 2nd at 02:06am (14 years ago)

kick ass

Sat, Feb 1st at 01:41pm (14 years ago)
epochfx says:

YEA! KoL is finally coming to custo! This is a bad screenshot, e'erbody download it to see it's true potential.
**edit**ok that's what i meant, don't analyze what I say so hard

Sat, Feb 1st at 02:17pm (14 years ago)
senex says:

i wouldn't say that he's coming to custo, rather adding mirrors for his themes, which in it self isn't very bad. good to spread the cheer

Sat, Feb 1st at 05:36pm (14 years ago)
psynapse says:

this is a very plain window style, which in itself is a big plus :) too many people make busy taskbars with chunky edges. my only complaint is the flat style and ugly (imho) icons

Sun, Nov 16th at 11:18pm (13 years ago)
Hareton says:

right, everything genial is simple. I wish it was as easy to get those themes. hope that with the help of this tutorial everyone will try to design great xp themes.

Wed, Dec 22nd at 01:52am (6 years ago)

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Created by KoL
on February 1st, 2003


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