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Artist's Note

Symbiot returns (rather quickly) in its latest incarnation.

Bugfixes to maximised / small titlebars have been made, and a texture applied to the taskbar to give it a bit more depth.

New colour schemes will come, but they'll take a short while so be patient!

As always, suggestions are welcome.

User pane graphic taken from Chris Cunningham's Bjork video.

Comments (9)


This is a not so common style, the colors and look tend to have somewhat of an alien world type appeal to it. It's nice and worth giving a try but I wish it was'nt so wild.

Tue, Jan 21st at 07:32pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

From what im seeing, everything just looks too cutout and the colors aren't really well done, plus that task bar... Just a texture/filter? Come on. Plus your theme doesn't feel tight, or as one unit, it looks like a bunch of ideas squished together, keep trying :)

Sun, Jan 19th at 01:55pm (15 years ago)
LazEboy says:

couldn't agree less with ^^ - this is a great skin (and it seems like its being updated, so it'll probably become a GREAT skin). what do you expect from a taskbar anyway - psychedelic landscapes?? colors are perfect, themes fits together perfectly. don't listen to me, and DEFINITELY not to compo, see for yourself - i like!!!

Sun, Jan 19th at 02:18pm (15 years ago)
c h c says:

taskbar definitely needs work and better colors would help a lot

Sun, Jan 19th at 03:25pm (15 years ago)
Imayan says:

I wrote a comment earlier but don't know why it's not there.....well on the user pannel, you get 2 people..and what's on their right ? As for the taskbar, it's the ugliest ever see....please LazEboy, take a real look on this artwork. You get a 1'' picture that have been copy and past all the way....how can you give a 97 to this !!!!!! The rest of it is not bad

Sun, Jan 19th at 03:37pm (15 years ago)

I'm giving this a 97 'cause it backs up what Lazyboy said. This is a top class job done by someone who clearly knows what people want to see on their desktop. The colours are fresh and smooth, and I could look at them without getting bored for ages (which is why this is on my desktop now!). I guess the idea of minimalism and genuine style are a bit too much for old Imayan (and his own done-to-death metallic nonsense) to handle. Do as Lazyboy says and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

Tue, Jan 21st at 10:34am (15 years ago)
SMIG says:

i like the clear part on the dialog box. thats about it

Tue, Jan 28th at 04:10pm (14 years ago)
mockba says:

i dont see a theme at all

Fri, May 2nd at 04:28pm (14 years ago)

I love the colors, thanks so much !

Thu, Sep 20th at 06:34pm (10 years ago)

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Created by Inertia_
on January 19th, 2003


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