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Artist's Note

Well, this is my first theme, and its based on the colors of mmmm...prob peace :)
Send me the bugs and use windows 'Purple Flower' wallpaper for best effect.

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It's way to easy to just change the color in stylebuilder, even though its a nice shade it takes no effort to do.

Wed, Jan 8th at 08:33pm (14 years ago)

that wall in the back totally killed any chances of me saying "maybe i could go for pink"

Sun, Jan 5th at 05:07am (14 years ago)
kyoko says:

isn't that just luna all recoloured to purple? Kind of reminds me of the coughdrop visual styles because of the colour.

Sun, Jan 5th at 11:29am (14 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

That is why I think WB is much better than Sxp.. 90% of the Sxp skins look like others only recolored.

Sun, Jan 5th at 12:38pm (14 years ago)
epochfx says:

because you can change the color like that with stylebuilder by just dragging a slide down. This style may have taken all of 3 seconds to make.

Sun, Jan 5th at 12:45pm (14 years ago)
Travelian says:

Not bad looking but it looks so close to the default design with a color change.

Sun, Jan 5th at 02:30pm (14 years ago)
akuboy says:

hmm... just like default, nice color tho..

Sun, Jan 5th at 10:39pm (14 years ago)
dc_ob says:

nice first effort :)

Mon, Jan 6th at 07:32am (14 years ago)
Compo says:

It's just recolored, not many points for that... But thats ok, gives a chance to learn the ropes :)

Mon, Jan 6th at 09:46pm (14 years ago)

Looks like you let you G/f or your mom make your themes again??? Seriously dont be gay sparky dont be gay.

Sat, May 1st at 12:18am (13 years ago)
Lee_777 says:

Every heard the saying 'If you can't say something nice......don't say anything at all'?
Geez....some of you ppl are so damn mean. Giving pointers is one thing....I swear some ppl just get a kick out of running others down.
First theme....so, I reckon it's v.good for a first and a whole lot better than some I've seen.
Thanks for sharing and I really do like it.

Tue, Nov 21st at 05:16am (11 years ago)
DeafEskie says:

First theme or not...I LOVE this. I am a purple freak, and there needs to be MORE purple themes. And....evybodysuperhero sure has something up it's butt....if you can't say something nice don't say it at all. For a first effort, this is a great job. I see nothing wrong with "borrowing" a windows wallpaper. This is just a hint to all of us that we can choose our OWN wallpaper to blend in if we wanted to. And now its time for another newbie to ask a really dumb question....what the world is stylebuilder....and...I don't see any instructions ANYWHERE on how/where to install all these themes--regardless if its for XP, Rainleander, etc., utilizing Firefox. (I loathe IE's slowness, so shoot me, LOL). I am NOT a puter geek, and no I am not shouting either--caps are for emphasis. One more suggestion. For those who are posting themes...you might want to post a link of "how to" to take us to this website's instructions. For some, clicking "help" just won't do it. Sure doesn't do it for me--I get lost big time. LOL.

Seriously, this is a really nice theme. I would love to see more purples and pinks coming. I don't have XP's theme pack (that extra proggie you are supposed to pay greedy Microsoft for) so I am wondering how we are supposed to add these. I am also visually impaired and have to utilize the extra large theme settings.

Sun, Dec 30th at 04:25pm (9 years ago)
Venevus says:

I like it! thanks for posting it

Sun, Aug 29th at 03:21am (7 years ago)

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Created by desmasic
on January 5th, 2003


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