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XP Themes / Corona Hybrid Pre Release

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Artist's Note

Beta Style xp theme based on windows media player 9. Lots of bugs to work out still. keep ya posted..enjoy..

also you can find it here:

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Nice job to theme to WMP 9, but wanna get away from MS?

Wed, Sep 25th at 03:30pm (15 years ago)
Imayan says:

Good work ! Haven't see the Windows Media Player yet but it seems to be good inspiration.

Tue, Sep 24th at 10:28pm (15 years ago)


Sat, Sep 28th at 01:04pm (15 years ago)
MooseSkin says:

Nice theme, but why didn't you use the "Print Screen" button instead of HyperSnap?

Wed, Oct 2nd at 08:43pm (15 years ago)
d-KiD says:

very nice job, i prefere seeing an actual print screen capture, because alot of themes look good in the thumbs and suck. its a nice smooth theme, good job Danimator

Sun, Oct 6th at 04:15pm (15 years ago)

Looks great but I am a newbie at this. How do I install this so I can use it?

Tue, Oct 15th at 08:53pm (15 years ago)
dandin1 says:

[reply]you click the download link... .You also need to buy stylexP, and have Windows XP.
[reply]WMP9 has been beta for a few months.

This skin looks great exactly like the corona skin, It's great! You should make more colors for it. (press the paint brush button at the bottom right) I just found a bug. When I press alt-tab, it looks all screwed up. oh, and I have the alt-tab powertoy.

Wed, Dec 11th at 06:48pm (15 years ago)
Phlezk says:

wow thats nice. did it fast too! WMP9 only has been out for what... a week?

Thu, Jan 9th at 07:55pm (15 years ago)
SMIG says:

interesting......very interesting. love the effects

Thu, Jan 16th at 06:08pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Danimator
on September 24th, 2002


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