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Artist's Note

This is a port of a Blackbox Linux Theme I really love. Original graphics by Youngjin Hahn.

Comments (11)


Nice port, hope you had permission.

Sun, Sep 15th at 02:02am (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

looks like a pretty solid port.

Wed, Sep 11th at 08:13pm (15 years ago)
dr-jekyll says:

good ;)

Fri, Sep 13th at 12:21pm (15 years ago)
Wrathman says:

I like this Theme. Very good work. Check my one and only screenie. I utilized this for my desktop :) Thx for the cool port!

Sat, Sep 21st at 05:22pm (15 years ago)
ozziegt says:

Giving this 100 because almost nobody knows how to make a good minimalist skin for StyleXP.

Simple, easy to read, great contrast and balance of light/dark colors. Props to whoever made the original, and props to you for porting it!

Sun, Sep 22nd at 12:29am (15 years ago)
MooseSkin says:

When I wrote my last comment I was using the "Classic" Start Menu. Now I've switched to the new style I'm even more impressed with this skin!
It's nice to see such a nice looking skin that's also so nice to use.
I'm still deducting 1 point though for that button-text colour issue, it's just annoying enough to be worth 1 point.

Tue, Sep 24th at 12:56pm (15 years ago)
ddongbap says:

Jesus man. Im speechless.

Sun, Mar 30th at 02:19am (14 years ago)
psynapse says:

too cool :D

Mon, Nov 17th at 01:28am (14 years ago)
StarkHalo says:

Just like ozziegt said, very clean interface

Sun, Mar 19th at 10:09am (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

:O i missed this one

Sun, Mar 19th at 11:01am (11 years ago)
jw62 says:

Just like the first Coldfusion skirt. Very clean and very sleek. Its nice to see skins that dont try to crunch every color of the spectrum or having hideous designs and the gawdawful bubble buttons. Nice work on this one!

Thu, Aug 31st at 04:05pm (11 years ago)

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Created by teschio
on September 11th, 2002


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