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Artist's Note

A simple, wood and brass bar. My first visual style ever, please let me know about bugs and suggestions.

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Actually, its not half bad. But, I don't understand the "Navy" title and how it coincides with the theme.

Tue, Aug 20th at 02:47am (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

looks like wincustomize

Mon, Aug 19th at 05:12pm (15 years ago)
p0ptart says:

It looks very well done...
not my style but I hope you'll do more.

Mon, Aug 19th at 05:44pm (15 years ago)
h8r says:

p0ptart stole the words out of my mouth. Keep working on it. And why is it called Navy?

Mon, Aug 19th at 09:02pm (15 years ago)

Background not included.
That's usually -50-70 points right there.

Sat, Dec 7th at 03:06am (15 years ago)
GuernicA says:

I like this theme a lot. With an other charchoal colored wallpaper it gives a very warm and rich look.

I have just one big problem with a particular setting. It's a font color that I'm not able to change in the appearance setting in WinXP.

To see the problem open the Microsoft Help and support link in the start menu and you'll see that those fonts are way too pale and way too similar to the background to see clearly. It's also the same color as the hilighted objets in the start menu (pale orange).

I don't know how to fix that. If you provide a solution or an update for this issu, this theme is a 100...

Sun, Dec 22nd at 01:26pm (14 years ago)
jem7 says:

Very Beautiful!!!
But, the wallpaper??? Where???

Mon, Apr 21st at 03:39pm (14 years ago)
TCG says:

wallpaper link me

Fri, Feb 4th at 05:27am (12 years ago)

Beautiful !!

Thu, Sep 20th at 06:36pm (10 years ago)

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Created by teschio
on August 19th, 2002


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