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Name: banana.mufu  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 7 years
Member since: November 2nd, 2007
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: Student, well at least for now...
Birthday: February 25th, 1990 (27 years old)
Location: Chair
Home country: Singapore
Current Projects: school project, year 2 semester 2...
status: uhh what? project??
System: Windows XP SP2 on a pre-assembled Acer Aspire 5580 Laptop (which sucks, i'd highly reccomend NOT to buy it)

Windows Vista Home Premium on CQ-60-113TX
16''WS display.
2 bad things:
-its vista, not much usable themes for vista out there is there??
-nvida custom resolution not working, might be monitor limitation?

in short, FUCK!!!!!!!!
Media Player: Foobar, Songbird, KMplayer, DivX Player, MediaPlayerClassic

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vista themes

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372 HELP?
hey there! if ur using XP, u can check this out:

if you are on vista, use this:
Posted 8 years ago in Customize.org.
127 wtf mail
got afew of these sitting in my mail Hello Dear I'm just browsing now in the Internet and found your profile at customize.org and it captured my i...
Posted 9 years ago in Shoutbox.
Avatar-50x50 im in need of vista themes
thank you ApriPoko,
thanks for the deviantart link...
didnt notice that many vista themes coz when i searched
i got this instead:
Posted 9 years ago in vista themes.
Avatar-50x50 ...
did you use the correct one for your OS/Service Pack version?

Posted 9 years ago in uxtheme multi-patch.

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November Desktop by Keira88
should have changed those yellow folders IMO..
Posted 9 years ago.
nov.scrn.sht by xaeroevo
thanks gabb! ~re-edited my info with your wall link ;) @rmpbklyn the theme is "Gaia mini", when you use it, select "minimal version". notepad2 is bet...
Posted 9 years ago.
nov.scrn.sht by xaeroevo
welcome! and thanks for the info seiger!
Posted 9 years ago.

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