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Windows Media Player Skins / Alienware DarkStar - From the darkest reaches of space...

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Artist's Note

Alienware Darkstar features breathtaking design elements such as audio-enhanced startup and runtime animations, function-responsive LED arrays and highly tactile control surfaces. All of these features combine to create a stunning desktop design brilliantly captured in black and red and infused with traces of Alienware's distinctive style.

Designed and Developed by The Skins Factory -

Comments (9)

annex1 says:

Looks like someone ripped off the Metallica "Star" logo.

Either way, appreciate the upload, but posting skins you built years ago is not going to make your business any more modernly relevant.

Mon, Aug 23rd at 05:58am (7 years ago)

First off, be careful who you accuse of "ripping" off. We're a professional studio... we don't "rip" anything. This was originally for a joint project for Microsoft, Alienware and Metallica that fell through. We changed it a lot so as to not infringe on Metallica's logo afterwards.

Second, Alienware skins are one of the top searches that bring people to our site, so i thought maybe people might want the Windows Media Player since the original theme was only for XP. I can delete it people feel its outdated.

Mon, Aug 23rd at 08:54am (7 years ago)

And this is the original version with Metallica branding. Notice the blade face a different direction. Also the mini-blades of the shuriken have been removed:

Mon, Aug 23rd at 09:00am (7 years ago)
phpbb3 says:

just downloaded and installed, this is an amazing skin. My usual issue with most skins is that it's impossible to find all of the features that I use, but the way this skin is layed out makes it easy for me to maximize my experience. This skin is also exceedingly appealing combining with an alienware look. I also thoroughly enjoy the skins multi-piece feature. Thank you so much :)

Tue, Aug 31st at 08:57am (7 years ago)

To the creator of this skin, thank you very much for this incredible WMP skin. Not only does it match my color scheme both internally and externally, but it actually works with Windows 7, which is more than I can say about the standard WMP skins. Keep up the good work and although it seems to have fell through, I think it's incredible that you were getting the opportunity to work with the people you mentioned above. And to the guy who made the "Rip Off" comment: I'd like to see you attempt to make anything as remotely amazing as this. Also, don't you have anything better to do other than criticize somebody's passion, creative ability and hard work? I didn't think so... Whatever... Thanks again Skins Factory!!!

Mon, Jun 18th at 09:16pm (5 years ago)
elisa1986 says:

Still shocked! Thank

Sun, Jun 24th at 06:10am (5 years ago)
Tomcat737 says:

Good job man, thanks alot

Thu, Mar 14th at 01:36am (4 years ago)
Dr1v3R says:

How download ?

Mon, Jul 8th at 11:13am (4 years ago)

very cool

Sun, Feb 8th at 02:35pm (2 years ago)

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