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Windows Media Player Skins / Retro Player Lama v1.5.06b

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Artist's Note

Windows Media player Skin - Vista XP

This is an progression of an skin I made many years back. The first skin was relatively simple in terms of added functions, with this one I will try to push it a bit by adding extended functionality. My goal is to get to version 2, which should contain, external windows for playlist, extended equalizer, video and visualization, browsing, YouTube and so much more.

For now there is still no animation of the arm, sorry about that. This has been requested before, but this will take some programing effort which I don't posses for the moment. Hopefully by the next update 'll will have tackled this problem. It would be kind of cool.

Anyway, I will be updating regularly, so check back and post some comments on the functions if you want.

I hope you will like it a little bit.

initial 1.5 ( removed)
-updated to v1.5.02 ( removed)
-updated to v1.5.03 ( removed)
-updated to v1.5.04 ( removed)

!! -updated to v1.5.06b

-external band equalizer
-resizable external video window
-so much more..
still very beta, so don't mind graffics

( created at 1680*1250)

Comments (4)

boweb says:

v1.5.02: ( 251208)
-added intergrated mini playlist
-updated artwork
-added large and fullscreen playlist( not finished but working)
-added transparant and focus

v1.5: ( 241208)
Update overall tweaks and new artwork:
- updated 320* screen artwork
- updated equalizer artwork
- updated volume controls
- fixed media information display in 320* screen ( now displays correct size and displayed in correct location on the bar)
- fixed media information display in small screen( now displays correct size and displayed in correct location on the bar)
- fixed playlist( now there is more room to display items in the list)
- fixed playlist color
- fixed album art to show better in 320* screen

Fri, Dec 26th at 04:46am (8 years ago)
boweb says:

check for updates:

Sat, Dec 27th at 01:38pm (8 years ago)
boweb says:

I can't seem to post an update on the site.
really sad.

Please check the link posted for update's

!! new version 1.5.06a

Wed, Dec 31st at 04:23am (8 years ago)
boweb says:

new update v1.5.06 ( on the board)

-updated front view artwork
-updated external playlist
-updated equalizer
-minor fixes
-added some animation
-temporarily disabled transparency

This is still very beta but fully working.

Fri, Jan 9th at 04:12am (8 years ago)

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Created by boweb
on December 24th, 2008


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